Future Islands: Singles

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Future Islands: Singles

Is it wrong to be sold on an album based entirely on their cover design? If it is, then call me a sinner because Future Islands’ album, Singles, is damn attractive. Luckily, the contents of the pretty cardboard casing aren’t too bad either. Just imagine the typical ’80s video clip with a man singing evocatively by the beach and you’ve got Future Islands’ sound down to a T.
Coming from Baltimore, the trio are bringing their tracks full of animated bass lines, strong drum beats and rapid keys to their 10-track release.
Standout from the album would have to be ‘Doves’. Lead vocalist, Samuel T Herring, masters the track with his deep vocals as synth-laden beats swarm in the background.
‘Back in the Tall Grass’ is also worth mentioning as it takes a step away from the keys and lets a little bit of guitar shine through. Also worth listening to is ‘Light House’.
If there’s one major complaint it’s that a lot of the tracks overlap and you’re left wondering if the album is really 10 separate tracks or one mega track. But I guess this is a trait that’s common with its genre.
Though this genre doesn’t feature on any of my top played lists, I can still appreciate the instrumental, composition and vocal skills of Future Sounds, and can imagine seeing them live would complete the experience.
After listening to Singles, you’ll find it hard to resist watching The Wedding Singer and bopping along to the ’80s tracks.
Release: out now via 4AD
Written by Amanda Sherring