Fun in the Sun

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Fun in the Sun

Bendigo’s Music Man has found a great new way to help promote local talent, and it’s taking place on the final day of summer. As well as tunes, the family-friendly day will feature jumping castles, an online auction and raffles. The all-ages part of the event kicks off at midday with Detention. Stacy – V, Necron 99, Path of Destruction and Sisters Doll will follow. An 18+ event will follow that, beginning with Neurotik Trendz at 5 p.m. RAWdemia, Audemia, Necron 99, Morth, Path of Destruction, Slydekrieg and Sisters Doll will follow. It all takes place on February 28. If you’re looking for a little more information, check in on Is there a better combo than jumping castles and music?