Melbourne’s Fulton Street have returned with another soulful and totally danceable single, ‘Weight of the World’

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Melbourne’s Fulton Street have returned with another soulful and totally danceable single, ‘Weight of the World’

Words by Mackenzie Pennycook

Fulton Street’s latest single will be released across all streaming services October 1.

Fulton Street, the Melbourne based seven-piece known for their volcanic soul music is back and better than ever with their latest release.

With commanding lead vocalist and iconic soul queen Shannen Wick at the helm and accompanied by a killer band, the band has been self-producing fan favourite tracks for years, including the most recent single ‘Disappointment’, released back in April this year.

Known for their energetic and all-encompassing performances at the likes of Boogie Festival, St Kilda Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, Melbourne Music Week, and more, the ever-beloved party band is back with another epic release with their single titled ‘Weight of the World’.

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The second release from their forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Weight of the World’ is full of the funky guitar riffs, cinematic strings, punching horns and soaring vocals that fans are accustomed to hearing from Fulton Street in a vibrant live setting.

Infectious to the ears with Shannen’s voice sounding more powerful than it ever has, ‘Weight of the World’ is incredibly raw, features a vintage flair thanks to being recorded on tape in Castlemaine with Alex Bennett at Sound Recordings, while the raspy vocals and horn and string accompaniments ensure that it’s undeniably a Fulton Street single.


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Blessed with a powerhouse voice and a knack for telling stories, the main inspiration was drawn from frontwoman Shannen, as she tells the tale of her own migrant parents, a tale that many of its listeners will be able to relate to: the familiar migrant tale of struggling to fit in within a new world that doesn’t accept you.

“My parents moved from Sri Lanka to Australia in 1991,” she explains.

“My mum was a flight attendant at the Sri Lanklin airlines for about six years and she had visited Australia a couple of times and she knew that this was going to be the perfect place to start a family. So with that, my mum and dad moved and they really wanted to raise a family that was away from civil war and corruption and they basically moved for a better life.”

With an undeniable sense of groove, Fulton Street has produced a spirited track unlike anything Aussie dancefloors have seen before. The raw songwriting, and deep-seeded soulful grooves meet as one and create an epic single that is everything we expect to see from Fulton Street and more.

You can catch one of Fulton Street’s vivacious live performances at Brunswick Ballroom on October 22, Covid restrictions permitting of course.

‘Weight of the World’ is available here on Bandcamp from September 17, with the track hitting all major streaming services on October 1st. Check it out below.

You can keep up to date with all of Fulton Street’s new releases and live dates via their socials here.