Full Tote Odds: The Chosen Few

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Full Tote Odds: The Chosen Few

Full Tote Odds have released their sophomore album The Chosen Few and it’s a sign that Australian hip hop is in a thriving place right now. Following on from their 2012 debut Place Your Bets, this record is both an engaging and refreshing listen. Having listened to the album through a couple of times, I have to say that my favourite track is probably ‘Look To The Sky’. The backing track to which the Adelaide brothers throw down over, is something that you could definitely play at a dinner party.
‘Take Me Down’ features an acoustic guitar and strings that shows that Full Tote Odds are not just about massive hip hop beats – there is enough variation in this album to find something to indulge in. No doubt an Australian tour will follow and that will probably be announced in the next couple of weeks. An impressive follow up to their highly successful debut disc. Get out and support Australian hip hop. The beats are fresh and elegant and you should definitely check this out. I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.
Out now via Obese Distributed
Reviewed by Tex Miller