Full-throttle wipeout rock n’ roll band Keen are heading to Geelong

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Full-throttle wipeout rock n’ roll band Keen are heading to Geelong

Have you heard? Twin brother and sister fronted, full-throttle wipeout rock n’ roll band Keen are heading to our shores for the very first time, all the way from Los Angeles! We chat to the DIY legends ahead of their arrival.

Hey, thanks for chatting to Forte. For our readers who aren’t familiar with KEEN, can you tell us a bit about the music you make?
The music we make is meant to be experienced live and loud. we keep it up tempo and maybe show off a little too much, even pushing beyond our own ability at times. kinda funny, kinda bratty, always heavy.

Congrats on the upcoming Aussie tour. What spiked the desire to come to Australia?
We hear Australia likes to boogie and so do we. Also we wanted to see how the McDonald’s tastes there.

What’s one thing you want to try when you arrive down under?

‘Bitchin’ is a short, sharp and witty. What’s the story behind this track?
It used to be called cortisone 10 and was about bring itchy but we changed it fully to a song about quitting smoking over and over again and being happy with mediocrity.

What can punters expect from these upcoming shows?
PUNTERS can expect to laugh, cry, and a lot of abrupt endings.

From glancing at your socials, you guys seem to be about having fun and enjoying the moment with your music. What’s your favourite thing about being in a band?
Our favourite thing is working together and becoming a machine that does everything ourselves. we write, record, make flyers, make music videos, take photos on self timer and book shows all on our own. We’re fully DIY and we don’t need nobody – except for you… thank you for interviewing us <3 When & Where:
Oh Jean! Records, Melbourne – June 22
The Espy (Basement), Melbourne – June 22
Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood – June 24
The Barwon Club, Geelong – June 27