From the team at Che Vuoi, Mona Cicchetti Bar is bringing Venetian cicchetti to the Bellarine 

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From the team at Che Vuoi, Mona Cicchetti Bar is bringing Venetian cicchetti to the Bellarine 

Credit: Cam Watts
Words by Staff Writer

Cicchetti, the small bites served with a drink in the casual bars of Venice, have landed in Wallington.

In a delightful fusion of Italian tradition and Australian spirit, Mona Cicchetti Bar has flung open its doors, welcoming all to an authentic Italian escape that promises to titillate your taste buds.

Courtesy of the good humans behind Barwon Head’s Che Vuoi, this gem of a wine bar, nestled in the heart of Wallington, brings the Venetian concept of “cicchetti” to the local scene.

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For those uninitiated, cicchetti are small, delectable plates of food hailing from Venice. These bite-sized wonders, carefully crafted with local specialties, grace the counters of traditional Venetian bars, known as bacari. Think mouthwatering crostini, succulent sandwiches, fried seafood, and marinated vegetables beautifully displayed, enticing you to explore the tastes of Italy.

Taking over the space at 420A Wallington Road, Wallington (previously The Paddock Cafe), Mona Cicchetti Bar is no ordinary watering hole; it’s an ode to the Venetian way of life.

Knowing cicchetti always pair with an “ombra” (shadow), a little glass of wine – a tradition rooted in the ingenious idea of Venetian Merchants who placed benches in the shadow of St. Marco Bell Tower to keep the wine cool and allow cicchetti to soak up the wine – Mona have wholeheartedly embraced this tradition, bringing it all the way to the Bellarine.

At Mona, every dining experience is a chance to connect, converse, and immerse yourself in the flavours of Italy.

You’ll find a wide selection of beautiful wines and plates to share, allowing you to savour dining “cicchetti” style. As for what dishes you can expect, there’s a range of vegetarian, meat and seafood-based cicchetti to choose from. Think olive marinade, burrata, pizza fritta, double cooked potatoes, calamari fritti, housemade meatballs, and saltimbocca – chicken skewers wrapped with guanciale and sage. There’s even a selection of Taglieri, literally meaning cutting board. A tagliere in this case is simply a board filled with regional meats and/or cheeses, just like a charcuterie board. It’s one of the best ways to experience local cuisine in Italy, and now in Wallington too.

Of course what’s an Italian destination without the dolci? Here you’ll find crostata della Nonna (an Italian baked pie) and Affogato, served with Frangelico, vanilla ice cream and espresso.

As for the drinks, the wine list is impressive with cocktails also featuring among all your usual suspects.

In essence, come hungry, come thirsty, and most importantly, come as you are!

The doors to this Italian haven will officially swing open on Thursday, October 12th. The opening hours ensure you can enjoy the magic of Mona on multiple occasions throughout the week:

  • Thursday: 5 PM – Late
  • Friday: 5 PM – Late
  • Saturday: 12 PM – 2:30 PM & 5 PM – Late
  • Sunday: 12 PM – 2:30 PM & 5 PM – 9 PM
  • Monday: 5 PM – 9 PM

So, mark your calendars and join the Mona Cicchetti Bar for a taste of Italy, the joy of togetherness, and of course, the perfect wine to complement those delightful cicchetti.

Mona Cicchetti Bar is located at 420A Wallington Road, Wallington. For reservations and more information, visit