From coastlines to jungle juice, Perth’s Coterie reveal the lifestyle habits that inspired feel-good new single ‘Good Morning’

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From coastlines to jungle juice, Perth’s Coterie reveal the lifestyle habits that inspired feel-good new single ‘Good Morning’

Coterie have once again swept us off our feet with their summery new single.

Known for their energetic live performances, a unique blend of rock, pop, R n B and soul sounds and rich, reminiscent melodies, Perth-based indie-pop quartet Coterie have once again swept us off our feet with their feel-good new single ‘Good Morning’.

Like a breath of sweet fresh air in the summertime, Coterie draw you in with their trademark sound that we all know and love, championed by dream-laden guitars, groovy basslines and the warm and infectious melodies of endearing frontman Tyler Fisher.

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With a melody that you’ll have in your head long after the song’s finished, ‘Good Morning’ is a sophisticated slice of indie-pop, bursting with charm and an explosion of sunshine from the four-piece, made up of brothers Tyler, Brandford, Joshua, and Conrad Fisher. As the song unfolds, additional lush instrumentation melds meticulously, capped off by deft vocal arrangements that soar effortlessly above, immersing you deep into a blissfully calm and bright pool of captivating story-telling. It’s songs like this that have you floating on a cloud wondering how you made it to the sun.

Produced by Robby De Sa (MAY-A, Gretta Ray, Sahara Beck) at Ralph Street Studios, Alexandria NSW, ‘Good Morning’ marks Coterie’s fourth single for the year, following the success of ‘Where We Began’ and ‘Bless My Soul’.

“Our new tune ‘Good Morning’ is our attempt to inject positivity into our inner circles. After months of on and off lockdowns and turbulent weeks, things finally started to turn around and look sweet for us on the West Coast. So, the lads sat around an acoustic guitar and just started expressing what we were seeing around us: people smiling more,” the band explain. 

“We kept thinking “let’s just try fly through the rough patch, wait it out till the end,” and here we are!”

To celebrate the release, Coterie has broken down the five lifestyle habits that kept them keeping on, and which pencilled their new tune ‘Good Morning’.


We’re lucky and stoked to be out here on the west coast, our beaches stretch over 1000kms so I might be biased but there’s nowhere else like it. There’s something about being out in the surf, wetsuit on at 6am, catching the first light of the day that just lifts your spirits.

The infamous West Coast drive is packed morning to night because Perth people know a good thing. There’s nothing like it.

To be fair there’s only so much Netflix we can watch, so if ya feeling in a slump, catch some fresh air and sunlight. Chuck on some Bob Marley, get outside and watch the sunrise… it’s good for your soul!


Doesn’t really need to be said but also needs to constantly be said: good mates and family!

Can’t say how important having good people in your life is, it’s honestly human nature to crave and need social connections. We know this all too well, we’re brothers that make music together and have been doing so since we were young groms. We’ve all experienced isolation in some capacity the last 18 months, but the key for us was to not stay in that place. It became a Friday night tradition to fire up the BBQ, pack the pit with wood, put some Angus & Julia Stone on in the back with all our mates around some Matso’s and let the night play out. There’s not much like it!

Speaking of Ginger Beer, the next thing that kept our heads up.


Literally just a phrase we made up but here’s the premise: good wine! Or whatever liquor floats your boat.

Jungle juice is the fuel that drives you through the madness. I’m not saying get wasted every night, because it’s more than just drinking, but find the thing that helps ya let loose. We are what we eat, or something. It’s true though, I love a KFC box but if I eat that every day, I’ll start to feel sluggish. I reckon it’s crucial to keep up the healthy foods and exercise, plus pair that with some Dormilona wines and you’ve got the perfect jerry can fuel you through the rough times.

We had so many cancelled gigs and even a cancelled tour back in 2020, pretty crap to be honest. Releasing songs without being able to tour them, and even trying to have studio sessions over zoom – it just doesn’t hit the same way. And it got so easy for us to just focus on all the things that didn’t go right and all the things that weren’t happening, but we found that staying in a slump wasn’t fun at all.

So, grab yourselves some cheap Moscato, fill up on heaps of veggies and good food for fuel and push through with good company!


“Just keep smiling through.” When I was younger someone told me to “fake it till you make it.” I hate that idea. Some days are harder to smile then others, but there’s always something to be grateful for. I get to make music and share it with so many people that like our music. We’re not even that good but people are still listening anyways. That’s cool. We’d rather find the one thing worth appreciating, then just faking being happy hoping that somehow, it’ll make us happy.

For us it’s all about perspective, lockdowns in WA have sucked, but also, we’ve been lucky compared to other states in Ozzie. Find the reasons and the people to make you smile more. Life’s not always roses, but if we know that, why not at least try and have a good time anyway.

And lastly, MUSIC

Good music is good for everything.

Here’s some of the artists we were jamming while writing “Good Morning”: Tash Sultana, The Dreggs, Mako Road, Six60, Budjerah, Dope Lemon, LAB and probs a stack more I’ve missed.

I would wake up every day and just blast a feel-good curated playlist, taking music everywhere I went. Music is the world’s gift to people, it’s the universal language that everyone can understand. It has no bias, it’s not precious and there’s something out there for everyone so find what you can get around.

We did, and it made 2021 ten-times better. 

Check out ‘Good Morning’ below and prepare yourself for all the good vibes.