Frock It: Eye(brows) Are The Windows To The Soul

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Frock It: Eye(brows) Are The Windows To The Soul

Not that it will come as a surprise for anybody who follows me on social media (handles for these are above), but if there is one area of makeup that I love, it is eyebrow makeup.
I love brows because of what they do for the face. If you already fill in your brows, take a look over some photos during the era before you realised how much better everything looked with them filled in. I can guarantee some hard-core cringe action. There are many different ways that you can fill in your brows, but for all you newbies out there, here is a run-down of the three most common and — in my opinion — easiest ways to fill in your caterpillars.
The Brow Pencil
Although they look like a standard eyeliner pencil, brow pencils have a much waxier consistency. If you try to draw on your brows with a normal eyeliner, you’ll find that the formula is much creamier, messier and thicker. Brow pencils are designed to disperse a small amount of light product, so that they can look more like a natural brow hair than an obvious harsh line.
To apply the product, you simply want to draw short, brow-like strokes mainly in the areas you feel are more sparse or areas you would like to define. Then, go in with a spooly to disperse the colour even more.
The Brow Powder
The brow powder offers a softer look compared to our other options. Although you can get powders that are specifically marketed as eyebrow powders, you could easily use a matte eyeshadow and it would do the exact same job. Be warned, if you use anything with even the tiniest amount of shimmer, your eyebrows will not look natural — unless that’s the look you’re going for, in which case do ya’ thang!
Take an angled brush and dip it in the powder, then trace the outline of your brows. Fill in at the tail first, and then bring the excess powder to the front of the brows to create a gradient. This will help you achieve a more natural look.
Brow powders aren’t super durable, so I like to use a tinted brow gel to set the product and to define the brow hairs.
The Brow Pomade
Brow pomade is probably the most difficult to work with of the options. It’s fast-drying and highly-pigmented, but it’s also waterproof and resists smudging. It’s definitely the best product to use if you want strong, defined brows.
I use this in the same way that I use a brow powder, in that I use an angled brush to trace along the brow edge and fill in the tail, then bring the excess product to the front of the brow. The difference here is that I then use a concealer to trace the outside of the brow, to fix any mistakes and sharpen the brow shape.
You can use the concealer technique with any of the other methods too, but I feel that it’s best used with the brow pomade.
Finally, if none of these methods work for you, experiment with combining different methods. I use different combinations all the time — experiment and find the best method for you!
Written by Jessica Alves
@jessicazalves |