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Frock It [#607]

What To Wear To Uni
Stereotypically, university is meant to be one of the most adventurous and excitingly wonderful times of your life. I hate to burst that bubble, but in reality, it mostly consists of lectures and last minute cramming to get assignments in on time. Which is why it can get very repetitive and mundane very quickly, especially if you don’t find ways to shake things up. Personally, I like to shake things up via my wardrobe.
A lot of people find it very easy to slip into the habit of wearing their gym gear to uni, or worse, their tracksuit pants. And not in the cute, chic, sports luxe way. Oh no, we’re talking about the I-haven’t-taken-these-off-in-three-days type of way. Like, c’mon guys, that’s nasty. However, I do understand the need for comfort, considering uni essentially consists of a lot of sitting down in those very uncomfortable flip down auditorium chairs. But you can have both style and comfort by following just a few simple rules.
Firstly, stay clear of anything that is going to be restrictive or too tight. Personally, I find skinny jeans very comfortable, and even prefer them over other kinds of pants for the most part. However, if you find skinny jeans just don’t cut it for comfortability, go for a boyfriend jean instead, or maybe some slouchy tailored pants. If you do decide to go for something baggy, I’d suggest staying away from anything too patterned, as patterns can have a tendency to make things look quite ‘trendy’, where as solid neutrals are always timeless and classic.
An oversized white button down shirt and a plain white t-shirt are two items every girl should have in their wardrobe, as they’re not only comfortable, but they’re two of the most versatile items on the market. I recommend using these items as a base for layering. Jumpers over the top of the shirt with the collar popping out over the top looks super cute, and a baggy casual blazer over the top of a white tee can instantly pick up an otherwise boring outfit.
Stay right away from heels with thin stems. Not only are they totally inappropriate for studying, but they’re also super uncomfortable and really difficult to walk in. This can be a bit of a problem if your university is super hilly or has a lot of staircases, which most do. For the most part I’m in flats, but I still wear heels on the odd occasion. However, I make sure they’ve got a thick heel, as it makes them much more casual and way more stable, making them heaps easier to walk in.
I’ve always prepared my outfits the night before I wear them. I do this, mostly because if I don’t, I get massive anxiety in the morning, trying to sort it out in the five minutes I leave myself after I spend all morning doing my makeup. Whatever your outfit picking strategy is, just remember to go for something casual, but put-together. Don’t be afraid to mix dressy items with slouchy items.
Written by Jessica Alves / @jessicazalves