Frock It! [#603]

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Frock It! [#603]

Nine Clothing Items You Need On Holiday
It’s the time of year when everybody is visiting family or going away for New Year’s or just simply getting out of dodge for a few weeks to recharge. I’m planning on doing the same thing myself in a few weeks’ time, and yes, I have already packed. I have to pack light, which was a challenge for me, so I decided come up with nine pieces of clothing that I absolutely HAD to bring with me, and figured it wouldn’t hurt to share it with you guys as well!
I’ll never go anywhere without a white, black and grey t-shirt. They go with pretty much everything, and they can be dressed up or down, so it’s a no-brainer.
I’m travelling to a warmer climate, which is why denim shorts were a priority packing item. They’re easy to chuck on and off around the pool and are very likely to go with whatever other clothing items I pick up on the way, of which there will undoubtedly be a few.
I do love my button-downs, and I have a quite few that are very lightweight and hot weather friendly, so I’ll definitely be taking one of them. The real task is deciding which one to pack.
Shift dresses are a practical lightweight and no-fuss item of clothing that definitely comes in handy when you need an outfit in a pinch or as a cover-up when on the beach.
On the topic of dresses, I recommend bringing a maxi dress with you for the same reasons you would bring a shift dress. Consider investing in a dress made of light, high quality material, so it can be yet another item that can be worn day-to-night.
I know pants are not something you’d think to bring to an island getaway, but on the off chance it gets a bit chilly, it’s better to play it safe. I’m bringing a very casual and baggy pair of slacks with me that could easily be paired with a pair of heels to dress up, or with a pair of footbed sandals to dress down.
Lastly, shoes. You probably want to take a few pairs with you. Start off with a pair of runners that could be worn on the plane over and might also come in handy if you’re planning on doing any hiking or nature walks.
You also want a pair of sandals. Any ones will do, just as long as they’re versatile and basic so it’s easier to pair them with outfits. I’m going with, you guessed it, footbeds.
Finally, you should probably bring a pair of heels, just in case you end up going somewhere fancy – and remember that you can always opt for wedges if you’re a bit unsteady on your feet, like I am.
Congratulations, you’ve successfully packed enough to last you the trip, but left plenty of room for other necessary odds and ends, like, you know, more clothes…
By Jessica Alves / instagram