Frock It [#596]

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Frock It [#596]

fortespringracing596Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas – Racing Edition
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again: racing season. It’s time to pop open that bottle of bubbly, chuck on your best duds and head out to the racetrack to place your bets on, what you’re praying will be, the winning horse. The only question is what to wear. Well, that’s what I’m here for.
The most confusing part about the races is the dress code, which are all different depending on the race you’re attending. Some are stricter than others, like Derby Day where you can only wear black and white. Melbourne Cup Day is more lenient, encouraging experimentation with fashion, but keeping it very much dressed up rather than down. If you’re attending Oaks Day — typically the family-friendly day — you’re allowed to tailor your outfit to your version of relaxed, but sophisticated (think floaty floral fabrics and oversized hats). I suggest keeping guidelines in mind, but the most important part is that you wear something that makes you feel good about yourself and that you feel reflects your personal style best.
A good general rule is if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt is to keep it at an appropriate length, which means around knee length. Leave your clubbing dresses at home and opt for something a little bit classier instead. Pencil skirts and a-line dresses are always a fail-proof shape to look for if you want to go for a dress or skirt option. Having said that, don’t be shy to rock a pant either. If you’re not a dress or skirt girl, there are plenty of amazing and killer pant options that are frankly much more functional.
A sure-fire way to pull off pants is to stick with classic race prints, such as florals, lace and bright colours, as well as black and/or white. Stick to a shape that suits you. The best way to figure out what shape is best for you is to try things on in-store, before you buy them. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting home from a big day of shopping, trying on your items and finding out that seventy per cent of what you bought doesn’t suit you. That advice goes for all shopping ventures, not just for the races.
Having a big clutch is always a no-brainer, considering the stuff you’re going to need on the day. Keep in mind that there are a few essentials you’ll need: a form guide, a pen, your lip colour, powder for touch-ups, a pair of sunglasses, your phone, keys, money and cards – and that’s just to name the basics. Not to worry though, in my opinion a clutch is probably one of the most important accessories of a lady’s outfit. They’re a great way to add in a pop of colour to your outfit as well as keeping everything organised and in one place. However, I do suggest getting a clutch with a zipper either on the closure, or as a compartment inside the clutch, for things in need of safe-keeping if you’re planning on having a few, or just if you’re prone to losing things like me.
There are a few last things I’d like to leave you with before I go. First is something familiar that humans have heard from mothers since the dawn of time: ‘For God’s sake, take a jacket’. Not only can they look amazing with the right outfit, but there is nothing worse than seeing a lady walking around the racetrack with her partner’s blazer around her shoulders. Just, no.
And whilst we’re here, let me touch on shoes for a moment. No matter what crazy, insane, six-inch-tall, demon-heels you’ve decided to pick for the event, whatever you do, do not take them off. The only thing worse than a lady walking around in a man’s blazer is a lady walking around in a man’s blazer with no shoes on, or worse, thongs. Until you get home, your feet are married to those ankle breakers, and you shall not part with them until you cross the threshold of your house. Sorry ladies, rules are rules.
By Jessica Alves
Instagram: @jessicazalves