Friendlyjordies – Chin up, Stooge!

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Friendlyjordies – Chin up, Stooge!

Very rarely does comedy and education successfully blend together, but comedian and internet sensation Jordan Shanks (known as Friendlyjordies to his online viewers), has the combination down to a fine art with his stand-up show Chin up, Stooge.

Over the course of an hour, Jordan displayed his vast knowledge of successful self-help formulas that he has collected from over 300 publications, in an amalgamation of comedic genius that commentates heavily on the younger generation and the role they need to play in the future of the country.

Equipped with his well known no-holds-barred style of satire, that is ever present in his hugely popular YouTube channel, Jordan brings the brand of comedy to the stage in a well presented format of humorous observations and crowd participation.

Chin up, Stooge, was a well executed dance on the fine line between hilarious and informative, without ever becoming too preachy and losing the crowd. It was clear that Jordan wasn’t just performing for the sake of making people laugh but he genuinely wanted to inspire a change in the way people think and challenge the way people perceive society. Essentially, Jordan appeared to have the aim of helping people move towards their goals efficiently and effectively.

With some of his trademark impressions of Australian-based stereotypes, Jordan had the theatre in hysterics multiple times throughout the performance, all while effortlessly flowing between his trademark comedic execution and his sharp social and political awareness.

Chin up, Stooge, is much more than just a comedy show, it makes you question your entire thought process and teaches you how to rewire your mind’s approach to problems, in order to pursue future success.

Where: Drama Theatre, GPAC
When: Saturday October 7 2017
Reviewed by Josh Dowling