Freya Josephine Hollick debuts an entirely new era with The Real World

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Freya Josephine Hollick debuts an entirely new era with The Real World

Words by Alex Callan

Freya Josephine Hollick’s brand-new album The Real World is out today through Cheersquad Records &Tapes.

Upon recording her third full-length LP, Australian cosmic country singer Freya Josephine Hollick journeyed to the Californian desert to record at the revered studio Rancho de la Luna, a voyage that she stated was “transformative”.

Well, that may be an understatement, as The Real World is more than just a revelatory experience for the Ballarat-based songwriter; it’s the debut of a completely new era for the artist. 

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Having joined forces with Lucinda Williams’ band Buick 6 and esteemed pedal-steel guitarist Greg Leisz (Eric Clapton, Beck), The Real World takes a sharp turn towards the realm of rock n roll. 

From the opening chords of ‘Nobody’s No Better Than No One’, it’s evident that The Real World is aiming for different territories. Combining heavy rock rhythms, staggered down-tuned guitars and ominous string harmonics, it’s an opener that strays far from Hollick’s folk roots.

‘Impossible To Love’ reinvigorates the modern-day power ballad, with Hollick’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics being delivered with an elegant wit as she questions her previous lover’s abilities. ‘Spend Your Christmas With Rita’ hits home due to its powerful narrative that tells the story of an aspiring musician who would “rather sell her love than sing her songs to another empty barroom floor”.

As a reinvention of herself and her art, The Real World may just be Hollick’s most ambitious, yet impressive, work to date. 

Freya Josephine Hollick’s The Real World is out now on Cheersquad Records & Tapes. Stream it here.