Freshwater Creek Steiner School Spring Fair Goes Waste Free

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Freshwater Creek Steiner School Spring Fair Goes Waste Free

Freshwater Creek Steiner School’s annual Spring Fair and Open Day back and this year and is going waste-free.

At a glance, some of the waste-free movements include a wash station that will be available for visitors to wash their mugs, plates and containers for re-use, as well as the Barwon Water Refill Station for refilling drink bottles; partnering with Common Ground Project to have compost and compostable packaging go into their closed loop composting system; the Chai Cafe’s ten 3L hard plastic milk cartons have been replaced with three soft plastic milk bladders from local Inglenook Dairy, totalling only 30g of soft plastic, recyclable with REDcycle; and having real mugs available for chai rather than single-use cups, among other things! Visitors are encouraged to bring their own keep cups, refillable water bottle, cloth carry bag, and reusable containers.

Led by the team of parent volunteers, this is an exciting start and paves the way for greater efforts in future years.

The Spring Fair kicks off on Saturday October 26 from 10am-3pm.