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Bendigo better brace itself, because comedian and self-proclaimed ‘world’s worst adult’ Frenchy is getting ready to take the stage at The Capital later this month.
Frenchy, who comes from the “ghettos of Wollongong”, has been in the comedy game for eight years, but it wasn’t until he created a YouTube channel in 2013 that things really started to take off for him. After initially using the channel to upload recordings of his stand up shows, he began creating skits in which he would unleash his wild and undeniably dirty humour – the inspiration sourced from his everyday life.
“Every video is just a conversation I’ve had or a situation I’ve been in, so it’s very relatable. I really like writing videos about relationships and things like that – you definitely want someone else to relate to the video too,” he says.
“It’s not the cleanest of humour but I like it because it’s what actual 20-something year old males talk about.”
With his channel garnering over 150,000 subscribers and 22 million total views, Frenchy has been able to turn that online success into a sell-out stand up comedy tour. Live & Lanky takes the same kind of humour out of your computer screen and into real life, a process that he says he really enjoys.
“You make a YouTube video and you get a few likes and people write ‘ha ha ha’ and it doesn’t really mean anything to you because it’s just words. But when you do it live and you see people actually laugh and enjoying your stuff, it’s so satisfying,” he says.
Now that his channel has grown to the point where he’s uploading a video a week, you would be forgiven for thinking that perhaps it’s hard for Frenchy to come up with material that the audience hasn’t already seen in one of his popular videos. However, he assures us that he’s not yet encountered a shortage of comedic ideas.
“My life is just so odd that enough funny stuff happens to me that I can just tell stories and sort of be myself for an hour,” he says of how he comes up with the routine for live shows.
But don’t let the relaxed nature of his humour fool you; even after years of performing stand up comedy and delivering the same Live & Lanky routine every night, Frenchy says he still gets a case of the pre-show nerves.
“You’d think I’d have moved past it now that I’ve done my live show at least 40 times, but I still get nervous and have to do a nervous piss before I go on stage. Sometimes I think ‘if my crowd could see me right now…’,” he says laughing.
That type of crude and yet loveable humour is what characterises Frenchy’s style. It’s easy to see that what makes him so likeable is that you probably know someone like him already; your brother, your boyfriend, hell, it might even be yourself. For those of us navigating the world (and often, the horrors) of Tinder, dating, sex and relationships, Frenchy provides a humorous take on familiar territory. Not too bad for a guy who says his “weird, preying-mantis” look made him pursue comedy as survival mechanism throughout high school.
When & Where: The Capital, Bendigo – June 26
Written by Kara Ready