Frenchy Unleashed

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Frenchy Unleashed

With a stage presence that can only be described as commanding, Frenchy wastes no time making his brand of line-crossing humour felt, and this was exactly the case at the opening show of his Unleashed Regional Tour at GPAC last month.

Creating an environment filled with what can only be described as “Australian Banter”, Frenchy began making jokes at late comers as they tried to sneak through to their seats unnoticed. This warmed up the crowd for what followed, a series of some of the most low brow opening jokes performed at a comedy show – and by no means was this disappointing – as those familiar with Frenchy from his widely popular YouTube channel are expecting nothing less than jokes that make you question whether you should feel bad for laughing.

Frenchy is a quintessential showman, with a sharp wit that is wrapped in Australiana. He spent time in between his hilarious tales of debauchery and self deprecation to get to know people in the audience – showing no fear at where these conversations could lead him. These moments were among some of the most entertaining parts of his set as it was so unpredictable in nature.

The energy in the performance never seemed to dissipate, performing songs that poked fun at the various stereotypes in modern Australian society, as well as delving into Frenchy’s personal life, there was never a dull moment.

Frenchy’s ability to make a joke work purely off his facial expression and delivery was a great addition to his comedic arsenal and only added to his stories that kept you engaged throughout the performance. All of this accompanied by him reading cleverly constructed pick-up attempts on his Tinder account, made for a show that is unlike any other, that will surely not disappoint anyone.

Where: Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Geelong
When: Thursday September 21
Reviewed by: Josh Dowling