Free Live Sports make imperfectly perfect sophomore album I’ll Fish When I’m Dead

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Free Live Sports make imperfectly perfect sophomore album I’ll Fish When I’m Dead

Image Credit Zac Rainsford
Words by Alex Callan

Free Live Sports tackle their second album with ease, putting out their second full-length body of work.

There’s something so imperfect about Free Live Sports that makes them such an endearing listen. Their sophomore release, I’ll Fish When I’m Dead, has a ruthless simplicity to it, breathing brevity into its 22 minute output through matter of fact lyricism, angular art-punk riffs and down-trodden post-punk. 

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A mix between Talking Heads and The B52’s, I’ll Fish When I’m Dead, sees the Tassy-based outfit bouncing wonky rock ‘n roll with a very off the cuff feeling to it between two different vocalists to help to reroute their sound and style from song-to-song. ‘Magpies’ channels Steven Rose’s deep timbre and nonchalant drawl, giving a sense of urgency alongside country twanged garage punk riffs. ‘Tell Me Again’ and ‘Sweaty Thighs’ on the other hand, maintain a wistful childlike demeanour, with bassist Madeleine Laing’s meandering and untrained vocals adding a jovial playfulness in its uninhibited and unpretentious delivery.

‘D.I.Cry’ leans heavier into into art-punk territory with spacey synth leads, ascending vocal harmonies, and trippy avant punk flair, while ‘Too Cute’ takes a step to the left to add in 70’s surf-rock swagger with and percussion slightly reminiscent of Head Injuries era Midnight Oil. 

I’ll Fish When I’m Dead is punk that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  A release that’s unapologetically unpolished, giving a fun snapshot of the Tassy based upstarts and their left of centre, carefree take on punk.

The album is out now and can be streamed here.