Foxes: Glorious

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Foxes: Glorious

Deep down there’s a pop lover in all of us, and if there’s one sickly sweet album you pick up this year make it Foxes’. With her emotive and silky smooth vocals, Louisa Rose Allen couldn’t have put together a better debut. Though this album has been under works for quite a while, it’s been three years since Foxes first started performing. It’s a welcome addition to the CD shelf.
Injected with a few dance tracks – ‘Youth’ and ‘Let Go for Tonight’ – Glorious is a radio DJ’s dream come true, and unsurprisingly her tracks have already received significant airplay. ‘White Coats’ brings a slightly edgier sound to the album, but still features the all-encompassing chorus that Foxes seems to be fond of.
While Foxes may be able to put together a decent pop track that’s bound to please her target audience, her ethereal voice is the real standout of the album. ‘Night Glo’ is spine-tingling as she sings along to a light and airy piano.
As perfect as Foxes’ voice is, there are a few flaws in the album. But once you get past the slightly generic pop songs that feel a little bit like fillers, you can truly appreciate the amazing vocal talent and potential that she has.
For a debut, she’s done a lot better than some of the veteran pop singers going around.
Out now via Sign Of The Times Ltd
Written by Amanda Sherring