Four Lipsticks Everybody Should Own

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Four Lipsticks Everybody Should Own

If you happen to be someone who couldn’t think of anything worse than mascara and bronzer, and you never quite got the whole contouring thing down, this may not be for you. However, if you’re a lipstick hoarder like I am, or if you’re just starting to get into makeup, then hello, my name is Jess and I’m a makeup addict.
There have been many occasion when I’ve got my outfit together with my face on, but struggle to decide on a lipstick to wear. If you don’t own many lipsticks you might also struggle to find one to ‘match’ with your outfit. If this is something you’re all too familiar with, consider investing in my top four lipstick shades everybody should have in their makeup arsenal.
Firstly — and this is a given — you need a good nude. No, we’re not talking about sexting. Everybody’s ‘perfect’ nude will differ, based on skin undertones and shades, but the ideal nude lipstick can give your look the lift it needs without being overpowering. It’s essential for day-to-day wear and is always appropriate for work.
If you’re not into bright lipsticks, it’s understandable, however if you’re only going to have one bold lip, it absolutely has to be a red. Again, the shade best suited for you will be different from everybody else’s. But when you find it, a red lip has the ability to transform a look in seconds. Red lips come in all different shades, from super bright orange-reds to deep wine-reds. The intensity is unimportant, what matters is that when you put it on, you feel like you could take over the world.
Pink lipstick can be a tricky one, but when done correctly, it can be a super fun addition. Personally, it isn’t often that I whip out my pink lipsticks, but when I do I know I’m going to have a fun time. Go as bright or as subtle as you like, but pink lips are a fun pick-me-up to an otherwise simple outfit. In my opinion, pink lipsticks are a match made in heaven for dates, at parties or getting drinks with friends.
It’s easy to get settled in to your favourite colours and stick to what you know suits you best, but sometimes change can be refreshing. Purple shades are definitely bound to turn heads, simply because it’s not the most common colour to rock. However, whilst being different to the norm, it’s also not so hugely different to look — for lack of a better explanation — weird. And it’s always good to have fun options for days when you’re feeling brave.
I bow down to people who are brave enough to put on blue or green or black lipstick in the morning and go about their things like nobody’s business. For now I’m happy sticking to my ‘safe’ shades, however I can see my collection expanding to accommodate more daring and bold statement lips. The first step is admitting you’ve got a problem.
Written by Jessica Alves / @jessicazalves