Forte's Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette

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Forte's Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette

New to the gym or just a slow learner? Here is Forte’s tips to make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself at the gym.
Clean the Machine
This is an interesting one. It’s an absolute MUST but you will find only about 20% of gym users do it. It’s to their own detriment though, with flu causing germs and other nasties covering most un-wiped machines they will be the ones to catch the bugs back from other lazy gym users. It’s simple, you finish on a machine and clean your sweat and germs of it.
Put Your Equipment Back
And don’t take the ‘near enough is good enough approach’. Actually put things back where they belong and in the order you found them. Simply rolling the medicine ball in the basic direction of the rack, having it crash into the rower and come to rest near the cross trainers (within three metres of the spot it belongs) will not do!
Mind the Mirror
Where possible don’t just ruthlessly park in-front of someone half way through a set in front of the mirror. Form is very important and most people like gawking at their perfectly sculptured muscles while working out. It is not always possible, you will block some people’s line of site during every workout, but try to limit a ‘total eclipse’ of another users site in front of the mirror.
Share Stuff
We have all seen blow ups at the gym with guys full of testosterone losing their shit because someone took their dumbbell. Some people do circuits, some people leave stuff to go to the toilet – just be careful to share and make sure you are reasonable with the amount of time you spend sitting on a machine or using equipment.
Don’t Always Park Next Door!
If there are seven free treadmills don’t park next to the only other person using one.
Chit Chat
Not everyone wants to hear about your weekend or your gains. A bit of chatter is fine and healthy, but judge it on its merits. Some people are in the zone whilst others might feel self concious and not want to discuss their routine with you. Also , headphones means, “not up for talking” so if you’re going to have someone pull out their ear plugs, make sure it’s worth it.