Forté's Top Picks at Hopkins Creek Music Festival 2018

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Forté's Top Picks at Hopkins Creek Music Festival 2018

Utilising the natural wonder of a large meteor crater in the Western district of country Victoria, Hopkins Creek is a three-day celebration of music, art and mateship. As a place to indulge in a safe world for self-expression and exploration, punters will be led by the sound of a diverse selection of Australia’s most alluring musicians, producers and DJ’s. We’ve narrowed down our top six artists you MUST check out.
Local purveyors of funk and dedicated disciples of the groove, Sunnyside will take you on a journey of body heat discovery with tunes made fresh from the bedroom. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, they’re known destroyers of bad vibes and dedicated designers of the groove. With an impressive ability to make instruments speak to each other, it doesn’t take long to lose yourself in the deep musical conversation that the band creates, combining high energy with freakishly tight performance, you’d be hard pressed to find a frown on the floor after these guys get cooking.
Multi Culti
What do you get when you put one Aussie DJ, and one Canadian DJ together? You get Multi Culti that’s what. These two exceptional DJ’s produce music to trip to, music to mediate to, music to get your whole family dancing, music to live by, music to teach you, music to die to and music to multiply your mind. The home of all things left field, psychedelic, strange and beautiful and performing an extended set together.
Fantastic Man
The dancefloor will be glad to know that Fantastic Man will be joining them at Hopkins Creek. Bouncing between London, Berlin and Melbourne, and still finding the time to create superb music, constantly shifting the music spectrum but still manages to retain his blissfully unique sound. Co runner of Superconscious records, and helping surface some incredible music, Mic Newman is part man, part fantastic.
After two EPs released in quick succession a few years ago, the 5-piece band that makes up Sagamore have taken a couple of years pursuing inspiration across continents and recording their musical vision in the hills of Aireys Inlet. The record’s the first single – ‘Pearl of The Sky’ – is fresh off the press after being premiered by Henry Wagons on Double J.
Samo DJ
Samo has earnt his stripes over the years by consistently amazing productions and DJ sets, which are distinctive but diverse, constantly pushing sonic boundaries through forward thinking and a unique approach to music. A mastic in the editing and remixing field, with some big-time contributions on a couple of releases, Samo hones his craft as one half of Sling and Samo and KWC 92.
From the raging nightlife of Berlin, Paramida has carved a name for herself as an honest, unbiased selector with impeccable taste, who has a refreshing point of difference within a local scene that can at times, but overbearingly serious and monotonous. Since running the much loved Paradisco parties, she has gone on to spread the good word globally, with tours, parties and festival appearances in Asia, America and Australia.
Hopkins Music Fest goes down at the Kulkurt Crater (1939 Delacombe Way), Tatyoon, from November 30 – December 2. Tickets via
Written by Chloe Cicero