Forté’s Top Five Pnau Tracks

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Forté’s Top Five Pnau Tracks

Dance music royalty Pnau have made their triumphant return. After four long years, the Sydney duo (consisting of Peter Mayes and Nick Littlemore) are back with their newest track, along with a third official member, Sam Littlemore.

Ahead of their upcoming performance in Geelong this month, we look at Pnau’s best tracks from over the years.

Their first single in four years, this one was bound to be a banger. ‘Chameleon’ catapulted Pnau right back into the music scene with it placing at number 11 on triple j’s Hottest 100 Countdown last year. There is no doubt about this being a party tune – it’s got a good vibe and the lyrics are pretty easy going. Welcome back Pnau.

Solid Ground
The powerhouse duo bought this one to us in 2012. Bringing Littlemore’s Empire of the Sun influences to it, the track is more electro-fused music with head-bobbing beats and a memorable chorus. Up-beat vibes and emotional infectious lyrics, check and check.

This popular party track is fuelled with a catchy chorus and funky sound. The definition of an electro-dance track, it’s a short song but the rhythm itself makes up for that. You’ve probably heard the remix of this one retitled ‘Changes’ by Faul and DJ Wad Ad which turned into a global smash.

With You Forever
This one is from their self-titled album Pnau, which was filled with stand-out tracks and guest vocalists. This dance track bounces along with a synth-pop groove, another one similar to Walking On a Dream from Empire of the Sun. With its indie funk vibes, it’s one for the roadtrip playlist.

Wild Strawberries
Another one from 2007, ‘Wild Strawberries’ brings back the memories from our high school days. With its big beat, and a heavy guitar-based melody, the song is strangely addictive despite the repetition and twisted vocal sample. Pick em’ up, c’mon pick em up…

When & Where: The Eureka Hotel, Geelong – March 23

Tickets can be purchased here.