Forté’s Guide to Surviving River Rocks 2017

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Forté’s Guide to Surviving River Rocks 2017

River Rocks tenth anniversary promises to be the biggest, and best edition yet – and that doesn’t even include the introduction of River Rocks Rehab. As a result there will be plenty to see and hear over the two days of festivities.

Forte have rounded up some must see acts, the drinks you should know about and even a few recommendations of places to stay for any out of towners.

Bands you MUST see:

SuperSuckers (River Rocks Only)
American rock and roll band Supersuckers are one of two international acts playing at River Rocks. With the tagline “Just remember to wear clean underwear, ‘cuz we’re gonna rock the pants right off of you!” this band promises a powerful performance that will truly stand out.

Dead Milkmen (River Rocks Only)
Danjo, a subset of Dead Milkmen is the second international band heading to Geelong for River Rocks. This is the legendary punk bands first visit to Australia, and the bands international debut. Danjo promises to be a fun performance, performing songs from the Dead Milkmen’s discography and possibly a few surprises along the way.

Cosmic Psychos
Cosmic Psychos are a Victorian punk rock band that have been together since the early 90’s. The band will be in the middle of their almost sold out Better In The Shed tour, and have an uncomplicated sound that works well in a live context. The band are also up for an award at this year’s Music Victoria Awards.

Batpiss are a punk band formed in 2011. The band are well known for their intense music and have just released their third album, Rest In Piss. Batpiss are notorious for being able to capture the intensity of their recording music and recreate it in an intrinsic live performance, creating an almost unmissable experience.

Exploding White Mice (Rehab Only)
This South Australian garage punk band held their recently held a reunion concert after being disbanded for nearly 18 years. The band formed in 1983 before parting ways in 1999, their first concert was meet with an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. Their performance at River Rocks Rehab promises to be explosive, exciting for old and new fans

Drinks you MUST drink
Poppin’ Mommas Russell ‘Ox’ Menzies will be the man behind the special drinks for the weekend. Saturday will see ‘The Ox Menzies Cocktail Hour’. Find Ox at his Tiki Bar where he is sure to come up with some serious concoctions: “I just add that extra dash of booze that makes it just that right taste. It seems to just take the afternoon and the evening very nicely. Although, I have been blamed for some people not seeing the main acts, they’re all too fucked up on booze.”

Sunday Ox will further save the day with Bloody Mary’s to kick off the recovery party, along with a free BBQ brekkie cooked by none other than The Meatbeaters. This will surely get all punters off to a flying start.

Places you can crawl back to
For anyone making the journey to Geelong for the festivities of River Rocks and River Rocks Rehab, there are a wide range of places to stay, aside from crashing a mate’s couch. These include high end experience places such as PierPoint 401 and Vue Apartments, or more casual places like The Sphinx, Barwon Valley Lodge and On Ryrie B&B.

Because the guys are just that kind, they are also throwing an after party out in the barn after ward for those chucking a sickie on Monday. This one will feature DJ’s Chiko Molls who will be playing all the rock’n’roll hits.

Prepare for a night of shouting, singing, carrying on, erratic dance moves and an epic hangover. See the set times below.

When & Where: Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong – November 11 & 12

Tickets available now from The Barwon Club or via