Forte's guide to a perfect weekend!

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Forte's guide to a perfect weekend!

We all love to go out and party with friends, maybe see a band, drink in a beer garden or go out for delicious meal. However, we also like to feel good, generally speaking. Unfortunately, it’s all too common in this day and age for people to be either completely idle when it comes to exercise and being healthy (doing no exercise and eating shit) where other groups of people will be sporadically ‘obsessive’ about a diet or a gym routine.
Both should not be mutually exclusive, you should be able to incorporate exercise in with a drinking session, you should be able to eat a burger and then go back to a healthy option for the next meal. Balance is the key to enjoying life and feeling great, not fad diets, alcohol free months and food fasting. So we decided to give you an example of a healthy weekend, where bands and burgers can go hand in hand with the gym and yoga.
Friday Night
6pm – Friday Night Mexican Dinner
Eat in or take away. Go for the tacos or the wraps that include fish or chicken. This is a fun and healthy option, that can involve a Samberro.
8pm – GYM: Weights Session
Make sure you get a membership at a gym that has 24 hour opening times. Get a weights routine that suites you and don’t over do it starting out: seek
advice from someone at the gym on a routine. Have a protien shake after each workout.
10pm – Calming Tea
Get home and keep the water up. Be sure to chuck the kettle on and have a nice calming tea, chamomile is your best bet!
8am – Rise and Shine
Breakfast is porridge with almond milk, some rye bread toast with honey and two pieces of fruit. Load up for a busy Saturday.
8:30am – 1.5 Hour Walk
This will set your Saturday off nicely, get your heart rate going and put you in a great head space to attack the day.
11am – Juice or Smoothie Time
Make up a smoothie with banana, blueberry, frozen mango and almond milk – add linseed, sunflower and almond mix (LSA) and chia seeds, skip the ice cream or frozen yogurt, it will tase good enough.
1pm – Lunch Time
Grilled chicken or tuna salad, don’t drown it in mayo.
3pm – Yoga
Do something unique and fun. Join a PT group, train for a marathon, join a pole dancing or yoga class.
6pm – Dinner and Seeing Your Favourite Band
When you’re out with friends for dinner, go for a healthy option. No matter where you’re eating there will be something decent on offer, hell, even Maccas do a salad these days. Steer clear of chips and shit that Man vs Food would order, suggest Asian (not Chinese please) to your mates, go for the steak or salmon if you’re at a pub. Then go out and enjoy yourself with friends, set a time limit for midnight (nothing good happens after midnight) and stick to 3-4 drinks. When you get home, drink water and go to sleep. You’ll wake up on Sunday with your liver intact and laughing at your mates who are in a hungover hell.
9am – Rise and Shine
Breakfast is an omelette with mushrooms, spinach and tomato on rye and…BACON, it’s Sunday, why not? Coffee is fine, one coffee is good.
11am – Gym Time
Weights session and/or cardio. Go hard with this session and sweat out those drinks from the night before.
1pm – Sunday Lunch
Go get a burger from one of Geelong’s fine establishments, or something as equally tasty. Balance it by not having soft drink or alcohol, ask for salad instead of chips, skip the cheese. We only live once and it’s a Sunday.
4pm – 1 hour leisurely stroll on the beach or at a park, this will loosen up your body after your big gym sesh and get the system burning that burger.
7pm – Dinner Time
Something healthy, chicken and veges, soup or risotto. As much as you want to eat some take away on a Sunday night, you had a burger for lunch and your body will thank you for it on Monday morning when getting out of bed is already hard enough.
9pm – Watch an Alien Documentory on Netflix
Just because.