Forte’s Fave Five Finger Foods

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Forte’s Fave Five Finger Foods

Let’s be honest, one of the greatest things about any event (aside from the celebration of nan turning 90, your friend’s engagement or so on and so forth) is the food. After all, food is the way to the heart. Though with all catering options, there are a few that stand out from the crowd, and here at Forte we’ve run down a few of our faves.

Curry Puffs

No matter the platter, you’ll be hard to find the absence of these delights. And it’s simply because they are that delicious. Easily adding a vegetarian (or non-vegetarian if you really want some meat) option to your event, these pastry covered morsels will have you coming back for multiple servings.

Cheese Croquettes

The great things in life always seem to have cheese, ammiright? There are many variations of croquettes, though from our extensive event-going we’ve found those loaded with parmesan, tasty, mozzarella or whatever cheese variation it may be, instantly become more valuable than gold.

Mini Burgers

It wouldn’t be a finger food if it wasn’t mini, and just because things have to be a bit smaller doesn’t mean it’s not worth eating. The burger (or slider as its mini-variety is known) is the finest example. While the smaller variations won’t fill you up quite like the original, if it’s been made well, the strong flavours will have you fooled into thinking you just devoured a massive serve. Our fave is the American flavours with pickles, mustard and a juicy meat patty.

Pigs in Blankets

This will be your least classiest option by far, but there’s something so nostalgic about even just the name ‘Pigs in Blankets’. Served with a dollop of tomato sauce and these are the easiest crowd pleasers around.

Cup Cakes

We all love a good cake at the end of the night to slice into and all yell, ‘hoorah’, but when events often have limited standing room eating a massive slice can get a bit awkward. That’s why the cupcake tower is the ultimate replacement. Chocolate is always the way to go, and you can even personalise them with cute little stickers that say ‘Happy 18th’, ‘Congratulations’ or whatever the event requires.