Food Trends of the Ages

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Food Trends of the Ages

Food trends started long before we started hashtagging on Instagram and it’ll continue long after. Below is a brief look at when food started to get real interesting…

1960s: The age of the first countertop microwave and Julia Child’s book and TV show rose to fame. Much like how Masterchef has inspired amateur cooks all around the country, Child had a similar effect and nonetheless restaurant-worthy food made at home was all the rage. Iconic dish: Fondue

1970s: This decade was all about real fruit use and anything from a mould. The occasional Jell-O was thrown in for good mix as well. The ‘70s were all about the party. Iconic dish: Carrot cake

1980s: It may be surprising, but in the year of 1982 a book titled ‘Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche’ was the biggest book of the year, lasting for 53 weeks at the top of the Times bestseller list. The French favourite soon became a worldwide hit. Iconic dish: Quiche & sushi (definitely not together)

1990s: In a time where things were getting easier and easier, this decade became all about the novelty and convenience. Things like pizza bagels and toaster strudels became all the rage. Iconic dish: Chicken Caesar Salad

2000s: The internet was on the rise as was our self-awareness and how we were perceived in the world. Fad diets became a thing, from smoothies to the Atkins diet, and strangely that resorted in mini versions of the treats we love. Think cup cakes, burgers and donuts. Iconic dish: cake pops

2010s: While trends seemed to be all over the place, from the upper-class dishes of Masterchef to the resurgence of takeaway items, one thing stayed true and that’s our need to create food hybrids. Perhaps one of the greatest creations was the cronut, but there’s still a few years left of the decade to decide. Iconic dish: burgers towers