Food Nostalgia

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Food Nostalgia

When the Forte team set out to think of their favorite food memories, one thing we all had in common was its association with friends and family. Even Justine Schofield relates her favorite memories with her mum! Check out our food nostalgia below…

“I’ve always just been so passionate in the kitchen watching mum cooking. It’s always about the smell too, the smell of what she was cooking whether it would be a slow cooked stew that she’d be cooking for hours and hours and hours or a soup, and I’d come home from work or wherever I was and just be amazed at how I always felt quite close to mum because of food,” Justine Schofield, cook on Channel 10’s Everyday Gourmet.

“Growing up in my family there has always been a strong emphasis on dessert. Family outings, dinner and lunch were always sped through as we couldn’t wait to get to the sweet treats afterwards. In particular my nan’s pavlova was the most sort after item of the various dishes on the bench. I always remember the many discussions about who would inherit the rights to make her pav and hold dear the sacred recipe she developed over the decades,” Amanda Sherring, editor at Forte Magazine.

“Throughout my childhood, Sunday lunch’s were always spent at my Teta’s, who being Lebanese was always serving amazing Mediterranean food. I would always sneak into the garage which had a kitchenette in it and see what she would be preparing for the next Sunday’s lunch. Another favorite memory for me is a tradition that still happens on my mother’s side – every Boxing Day we spend it at my Nanna and Pop’s, eating bacon and eggs and drinking endless cups of tea. It’s just a day to relax and hang out!” – Caitlin Haddad, Sales at Forte Magazine.

“Birthday cakes. My mum always made a themed birthday cake, once she made a pirate shaped cake which accidentally caught fire… She made a Yowie cake once, it was an Island with all the Yowie toys on it and she made a rocket ship cake once… but my favorite was definitely the pirate shaped one. She went to light the candles and because it had paper sails… it was memorable.” – Riley McDonald, Art Director at Forte Magazine.

“I can just remember when I was about 8 or 9, I can remember coming home to mum making pizza, and I remember being blown the fuck away that you could make pizza at home. My mum was also an amazing cook and if you think about the sort of things that get made at home now and yet when I was young this was very out of the ordinary. Now pizza is an easy thing you can make at home by yourself.” – Luke McNamara, Director at Forte Magazine