Food Court: Good Luck

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Food Court: Good Luck

Raw, loud and straight to the point is perhaps the most accurate way of summing up the most recent offering from Sydney-based garage-fuzz band, Food Court.

The tracks on this album perfectly blend from one into the other, with the four-piece maintaining and staying true to their garage-rock sound throughout. The tracks are high energy regardless of their speed. While tracks such as the likes of ‘Not My Way’ and ‘Slightest Brightest’ are quite fast, tracks like ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘I’ve Been Wrong’ slow things down a bit, still consistently maintaining this energy. And by the time mid-album track ‘Big Sleep’ rolls around, it’s assured that listeners will have a solid head bang going.

Despite the album being recorded in a week, the four-piece worked on the featured tracks over a one year period, with the result being this classic debut, which can ultimately be described as ‘a scrapbook of lost loves, lost sleep, mistakes, anxious minds and a light drizzling of optimism on top.’

In the words of Food Court’s Christian Campano, “Good Luck is all about making the right choice, even after you’ve made a few wrong choices.” And that’s one of the many reasons why I’m head over heels in love with this album.

Dine Alone Records
Reviewed by Helena Metzke