Foo Fighters Live at Etihad

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Foo Fighters Live at Etihad

Whether you’re a Foo Fighters fan or not, there is an undeniable longevity to their music – everyone has a Foo Fighters song that takes them back to a time and place. It definitely isn’t easy to stay relevant in the world of music these days and yet here the Foo Fighters are after all these years, taking their brand of no nonsense rock and roll on the road in support of their latest album Concrete and Gold.  
The Foo Fighters didn’t hold back in bringing their mammoth set to Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium and they immediately made it very clear that it’s the band’s live performance that is the key to their rampart popularity, which spans across several generations of music fans. Their energetic stage antics, accompanied by their obvious desire to please every single one of their fans in attendance, is what sets them a part from other rock bands. The first hour of their performance was a complete rock onslaught that saw them playing hit after hit before even so much as greeting the crowd.
Front man Dave Grohl has a clear understanding of the expectations in attending a rock show, even more so a Foo Fighters show, as there was a clear ambition of fitting in every possible Foo Fighters hit any fan would want to hear. If the assortment of Foo’s classics wasn’t enough for fans, they were also treated to several classic covers of bands like AC/DC, Queen, The Ramones and Kiss – which featured a surprise cameo appearance from Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo. This rock and roll marathon clocked in at almost three hours – the result being an absolute master class of rock and proof that arena rock is still alive and well.
When: Tuesday January 30
Where: Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Supports: Clowns, Weezer
Reviewed by Josh Dowling
Photos by Opus Imagery