Follow the voices as you uncover the mystery of Ballarat’s immersive horror experience, ‘Night Walk’

Follow the voices as you uncover the mystery of Ballarat’s immersive horror experience, ‘Night Walk’

Words by Jena Carr

Are you brave enough to walk the path and discover the truth?

Ballarat’s new horror experience, ‘Night Walk,’ will have your heart pounding as you embark on a journey of mystery, discovery and murder.

The experience begins as you arrive at a secret pathway shrouded in the darkness of Ballarat night. You will get starting coordinates and hold your fully charged, internet-enabled smart-phone or tablet in your shaking hands. There is a candle nearby that you must collect, and then insert your earbuds or headphones as the horrific immersion officially begins. 

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Through the darkness, voices communicate through your device as they share their whispers, sounds, pleas, exclamations, temptations, and threats.

Something horrible has happened here, and it is up to you to find out what. 

As you embark on this mysterious journey, you will find the truth of a dark story of haunting, deceit and murder as you discover the hidden evidence.

The voices will help you along the way as they ensure you see everything you need to see to make sense of the incredible journey that awaits you. 

This unique and completely immersive experience is designed with the utmost safety in mind so that you don’t share the same fate as the other victims of this journey. The COVID safe event maintains that only a small number of people are present during the event to sustain social distancing requirements.

There is no need to rush through the path as visitors are encouraged to move at their own pace.

Night Walk is at an utterly secret location where you will only receive a GPS guide at the checkout when you book your tickets.

You can choose from one of two nights with tickets costing $42.90 per person. Nights include Friday, August 5th or Saturday, August 6th at 8 pm and 9 pm each night. 

Please note that Night Walk is suitable for ages 13 and up as the experience contains some coarse language and adult themes.

You’re not going to want this spooky experience to disappear. Make sure to secure your tickets here before they vanish for good.