“Flowers are nice, but what mum needs is a vacation”

“Flowers are nice, but what mum needs is a vacation”

Mara Kazantzaki, The Motherhood Architect, international lifestyle consultant and changemaker for mums around the world, on why taking a break from the ordinary is so important for Mother’s Day.

It’s Mother’s Day and today we’re sending all the love to all the mothers and mother figures of all kinds, toasting them and giving thanks to all they do.

All mums are basically superhumans but if they’re working, balancing that with the emotional and physical demands of their children, it really can be like having two full time jobs. This hyper focus on doing it all, can lead to unrealistic expectations, pressures, and guilt. It’s something that can take deep self-work and a true escape to restore mums from.

So in light of Mother’s Day and just in case you have an IOU for mum, or you just want to treat that mother figure in your life, we’re highlighting the importance of a vacation, and why taking a break from the ordinary is so important for Mother’s Day.

“As a woman who had a successful career before having a family and once having the babies having my life turned upside down, I know first-hand how hard it is to look after yourself, offer time to yourself, and how easy it is to lose yourself in the process,” says Mara Kazantzaki, The Motherhood Architect, international lifestyle consultant and changemaker for mums around the world.

Kazantzaki has built a solid reputation for herself as a mentor to women, helping redesign their roles in parenthood and achieve greater balance in their personal and professional lives. Through her company Beyond Motherhood, she is creating amazing experiences and retreats that build an extraordinary space for mothers to breathe, grow, and redefine their identity – something every mum deserves.

Once an overwhelmed mum herself, Kazantzaki had a highly successful corporate career, even being hired by the BBC, before starting a family. When the demands of all the hustling and stress began to negatively impact her, she decided to make a massive change to her life.

Kazantzaki escaped, packing up and moving her family to Thailand where she studied at the highest level of breathwork and meditation. During this trip, she was awakened to her true purpose and is now on a mission to help moms elevate their self-care and self-discovery.

“It took us a near loss of marriage to take the plunge and pack it all up and move to Thailand – somewhere completely different,” she says.

“It was there, having that break, that interruption of the ordinary, that I had the realisation that the journey of motherhood needs to be elevated and better supported.”

Value of Vacation

Whether it’s a spa mini-break and city high tea, or an indulgent sailing sojourn and Byron yoga retreat, simply getting mum out of their normal environment can restore and recharge mums in the most valuable way.

“We all know the importance of self-care, but we rarely implement it. As women, we wear many hats, and mothers especially carry the mental and emotional load, on top of the physical (especially if you’ve birthed). Not that dads don’t do a lot too but typically mothers are still the ones remembering every little detail about a family’s day to day activities,” Kazantzaki says. 

“A massage, a yoga class, etc, booked regularly without guilt, will fill up your batteries and are paramount for your general well being.” 

The Benefits of a Proper Break

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to gift your mum a special weekend getaway that will let her feel how much you care about her, but a change of scenery, as well as a break from the family, is paramount for her mental health. 

Kazantzaki says it’s crucial to offer a proper break for mum, “beyond going to the spa for a massage, which is usually rushed and most of the time filled with thoughts of all the other things a mum needs to get done, the laundry, the meal preparation, and cleaning.”

Whether book them a vacation to the country to unwind surrounded by nature and delicious food, or simply an indulgent night away in a hotel, wellness retreats, vacation and night away off a tonne of great benefits:

  • rest properly and properly restore energy levels (mentally and physically)
  • get a proper full night of uninterrupted sleep – mental clarity (help with lack of sleep which causes fatigue, brain fog, low mood)
  • time to self (mums don’t often get that)
  • relationships with family, happier
  • good example to your children
  • happier mum
  • being able to be present, spend quality time with your family, even if they see you less has more value than having a mum around who is stressed out and unhappy
  • relationship with partner will change too – loving yourself, liking yourself, being joyful, having a positive outlook for life – you will be able to “see” each other again
  • creativity comes back: inspirations…. positive outlook for life 

Vacations and Experiences To Gift

If your mum loves local and is always looking for a chance to discover something new – even in your own backyard – there’s so many stunning options. Visit Geelong and Bellarine have listed a range of local accommodation options to suit every lifestyle and budget which you can check out here. Alternatively, check out sites like Booking.com, Airbnb, Stayz, Last Minute and Riparide to discover something new that mum will love.

There are hundreds of spots across our great state that offer unique stays and experiences, with some truly going that extra mile. If you’re really looking to spoil mum, we’ve listed a bunch of the best accommodation and experiences across Victoria to elevate their next getaway. From Carmel at Sorrento, the exclusive, stylish and perfectly positioned luxury accommodation for those who are seeking a sophisticated coastal vacation, or Balgownie Estate Bendigo which offers unique accommodation at Bendigo’s oldest working winery, there’s an award-winning experience for everyone. Check them out here.

Victoria also has some of the best spa country in Australia, with a number of spas, mineral pools and natural hot springs bringing the goods. We’re pretty lucky to have such an awesome selection of spas all within driving distance of Geelong, plus plenty of boutique spas right in metro Melbourne too. You can check out our favourites here – all picks we promise mum will adore.

If you’re really looking to impress, this luxury hotel in Daylesford was named one of the world’s most Instagrammable hotels for 2021 and is where to go to experience clifftop views, stunning architecture, amazing design, alongside luxurious massage chairs, pinball machines, French wood fireplaces, hand-woven floor rugs from New Zealand, couple’s spas, stone baths, and velvet sofas. SO lush!

If you’re a mother reading this, time away is not selfish, but one of the best gifts you can give your family. It’s an investment in you.

Kazantzaki’s Advice To Mums Out There

  1. Take time off to yourself, dive deep into your personal development to rediscover your true self
  2. Get support – support network, family, friends, hired, etc
  3. Delegate – you don’t have to wear all the hats! Team up with your partner. They are also the other parent. parenting should be a 50:50 job or lean on your family. 
  4. Leave the guilt at the door. We tend to carry guilt as women born girls, carried from early conditioning. (I give you permission to enjoy your break because you deserve it. )

Mara Kazantzaki is The Motherhood Architect, international lifestyle consultant and changemaker for moms around the world. She mentors women to redesign their roles in parenthood and achieve greater balance in their personal and professional lives.

Follow her @marabeyond on Instagram/Facebook.