Fletcher Gull: Remember That You're Gone

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Fletcher Gull: Remember That You're Gone

Up and coming Wollongong artist Fletcher Gull is sure to pleasantly surprise listeners with his sophomore EP, Remember That You’re Gone. To describe the EP as diverse is an incredible understatement, a credit to Gull in his first attempt to jam-pack variety in only five tracks.
Gull’s musical finesse is emitted through his range and tone in his unique voice, swinging side to side from vibrancy to melancholy to depict the chaos of ones often convoluted emotions. With each new verse in ‘Light Up’, Gull leaves his listener in bewilderment, proving his pronounced adept as a lyricist. The song begins “Death came into my room and sang me a song when I was younger, and when it turned around to you, you clipped its wings and took it in a while longer;” suggesting darkness can succumb and manipulate the soul if we surrender the power for it to do so.
Describing his sound as unintentional “happy-sad music,” the rhythm that is carried through Fletcher Gull’s EP isolates him from others in the music community in a positive way, demonstrating that singing what you know is the best way to approach musical craft.
This EP is deep yet soft, showcasing Gull’s ability to modify and gently tweak pop, otherwise known as (especially in Gull’s case), alt-pop. Gull communicates a clear message through his personalised narratives, forcing the listener to engage and relate. Fletcher Gull is definitely an artist to watch. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!
4 Stars
Reviewed by Hannah Kenny