FKA Twigs: LP1

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FKA Twigs: LP1

FKA Twigs is an enigma. There’s simply no other musician in the music industry who has experienced such exponential and far-reaching fame without any real knowledge of who she is dispersed alongside it. By no surprise her debut album LP1 was highly anticipated, if only to gain further insight into the singer.
In LP1 she causes you to rethink everything you know about conventional music. Her vocal layering and synth sounds permeate your mind. There are certain tracks that are simply manic and can’t be deciphered. While ‘Preface’ is a clear example of this, it’s more likely a tactic used to shock the listener into paying attention.
‘Lights On’ is probably as close as FKA Twigs gets to traditional RnB and sharing her innermost thoughts. The track hears her echoing “When I trust you we can do it with the lights on”. The rest of LP1 plays out like a lesson of FKA Twigs’ new breed of music. Breathy vocals in ‘Pendulum’ and ‘Kicks’ are played over synth-laden beats; ‘Video Girl’ is worth admiring for the lyrical compilation paired with FKA Twigs’ iconic style.
For a shy child raised in Gloucestershire, FKA Twigs has certainly come a long way, and we’re glad she stepped out of her shell to share her talents with the world.
By Amanda Sherring