Five Song Stories with Andrea Robertson

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Five Song Stories with Andrea Robertson

With her sophomore release launch dates announced for Geelong and Ocean Grove, we had a chat with Andrea Robertson on the story behind five songs from the album.

1. ‘Never Let You Go’ is a bit of a feel-good song which is available as a free download via NoiseTrade and was the first single release off the album. It’s a song about my drummer/husband/soulmate and was partially inspired by his very cool 1975 Bedford Van – which also featured in the film clip.

2. ‘What Do You Mean?’ has been described as being pretty “ballsy”. It’s a rockin’ blues-influenced number with harmonica played by Australian Blues Legend, Chris Wilson, as well as some dirty slide guitar. It was great fun to record and is equally as fun to perform live.

3. ‘One Of These Days’ just flowed out of my heart one day and was inspired by the many different injustices I see around me on a day-to-day basis. It’s a challenge for us to all take a look at how we treat others.

4. ‘Hold That Thought’ was written on the acoustic guitar and an old pump organ which we scored from the local op shop. It’s beautiful droning sound became the focal point when it came to the recording, with all other instruments being tuned to match it’s not-quite-concert-pitch tuning. It’s about choosing to not always run from problems and staying in the moment.

5. ‘The List’. Dave (husband/drummer) actually came up with the riff for this one, and the song took shape around that riff. The lyrics start with “I’ve got a list a mile long, of all the things I wanna do, but when all is said and done, that list don’t really matter ’cause I’ve got you” and although I am in no way suggesting that people should set aside their dreams and settle for second best, sometimes the grass can look greener on the other side and we forget to be thankful for what we’ve already got.

When & where: Piping Hot Chicken Shop, Ocean Grove – Friday, November 3; Pistol Pete’s Food N Blues, Geelong – Sunday, November 5 & Queenscliff Music Festival – November 24-26.