Five of the best podcasts to plug into this month

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Five of the best podcasts to plug into this month

These picks will get you through a long walk, a short commute or anything in between.

Bless the creation of podcasts. They can turn any dull moment into an enjoyable one, from washing the dishes and folding the washing to embarking on that daily commute to work.

While there a tons of great podcasts to choose from, with topics ranging from true crime and politics to comedy and inspirational stories, it can be hard to find your next best listen. Before you go searching unto eternity, here are our five picks for the podcasts we’ve been loving this month.

Aunty Donna
Ahead of the Netflix special dropping November 11th, there are over 200 hilarious episodes of Aunty Donna to binge. The entertaining group Aunty Donna exploded onto the Melbourne comedy scene in 2012 thanks to their absurd style of surreal, fast-paced, alternative sketch. The podcast showcases the larrikin nature of hosts Mark, Broden and Zach, resulting in unpredictable moments of comedic gold.

No Bullsh!t Leadership
Martin Moore is an asset for professionals wanting to develop their workplace game. In his no bullsh*t series, leadership maverik Mark shares the secrets of high performance success and career accelerators not taught in business school. Reflecting on his time as a high flying CEO, Martin will transform listeners’ view on what it takes to be a leader in the rapidly changing business world.

The Nurse
The Nurse is the biggest podcast in Australia right now. This gripping series details an ongoing investigation into a paediatric nurse in a quiet Tasmanian town, who has spent over 20 years working with children. Trusted by the community and seen as a father figure to many, this nurse has a disturbing secret kept quiet until now. In The Nurse, journalist Camille Bianchi gives a platform to childhood assault survivors who bravely share their stories for the first time.

The Sportsgrad Podcast
Reuben Williams and Ryan Walker are two young Australian professionals both working in the sports industry. Reuben is founder of, and Ryan currently works for Cricket Australia. Together they come to the mic with a breadth of experience, sharing information and personal stories with the goal of helping others interested in a career in the industry on how best to get a leg up.

The Wait
The captivating five-part narrative series, The Wait details the seven year ordeal of Mozhgan Moarefizadeh, a refugee caught in Indonesia since 2013. The Wait showcases how Mozghan, her family and thousands of other refugees are stuck in Indonesia and have been forced to accept the normality of the abnormal. Through gripping interviews and compelling first-person recounts, journalist and host Nicole Curby explores how Australia’s borders have been pushed beyond our geographical boundaries to Indonesia.