Five minutes with Jim Martens

Five minutes with Jim Martens

Six years on from the Glass House Tour and one year on from the release of IRATUS FILIOS, Jim Martens is back on the road with his progressive acoustic tunes and stories of how they all came to be. Jim will roll into Bendigo at the end of the month so we sat down with him ahead of the show.

What drew you to the music industry?
I enjoy performing and sharing art. I was drawn to that whole dichotomy of artist and audience, the push and the pull of a good live performance.

Who are your main musical influences?
There’s this band from LA called Tool, not sure if people know of them, but they’re quite good. I like their music, you should check them out. I’m rather fond of Chevelle Porcupine Tree, Helmet and the like. Life, in general, is the biggest influence of all.

What does the typical process of creating a song look like?
I take my sweet time with it all. Usually, a song will be written on an acoustic guitar first and it could sit there for weeks or months or even years. Lyrics are usually written separately and then worked in, however, different songs call for different methods.

Do you collaborate with others? How do you find the collaborative process?
Nowhere nearly as much as I would like to. When I do play with others, it’s usually for one of my shows, so the sings are already written. It would phenomenal to get Born of the Stone to a band where collaborations work.

You’ve recorded two EP’s, Persona Non Grat & Iratus Filios, where did you record the EP’s?
At The Lab in Brooklyn, VIC, with Dan McDougall (Frankenbok, Never). I recorded all the parts and he did the desk wizardry. I love working with Dan. He knows how I work and makes it very easy for me to do my thing. He also makes the best smoothie you’ll ever have.

What advice would you have for someone starting out in music?
Get as much stage time as you can and remember that it isn’t a competition. We’re all in it together, so enjoy the time you’re having with it now.

What does the future hold for Jim Martens?
Hopefully, many more shows, finding permanent band members and plenty of cups of tea.

When & Where: Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo – August 30. Check out the event here.