Five Doughnuts/Cronuts Worth Skipping Work For

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Five Doughnuts/Cronuts Worth Skipping Work For

Homer Simpson was onto a good thing with his love for doughnuts, and while we’ve only just caught up on our love for the dough-based treat, there’s a new creation Homer would surely go crazy for. Introducing the ‘cronut’, the perfect balance between croissant and doughnut and there’s a few Geelong cafes who have got it down to a fine art. It wouldn’t be fair to have a list of cronuts without mentioning some of our favourite originals (aka the doughnut) as well. Without further ado, please, dig in. Serviettes are essential.
King of the CastleKing of the Castle‘s Destination Cronuts
(Also pictured as main image)
Let’s be honest, ‘King’ is a pretty accurate word when it comes to describing the cafe’s ability at conquering mighty cronut flavours. Covering your favourites of the Golden Gaytime, Champagne Breakfast and Canadian Pancake, no matter what your flavour, King of the Castle will surely cover it at some point. The cronuts are only available on Fridays, kind of like how exclusive interview time with Noel Gallagher is, with a different flavour each week. Prepare to get up early for these ones as queues at the cafe doors at 7am are the norm, there’s a reason why it’s called the King…
Where: 24 Pakington St, Geelong West
LaunchLaunch Espresso’s Cronuts
It’s tough competition in the cronut world and Launch is delivering some mighty punches. With flavours like Snickers, Mars and Peanut Butter Cup, that connect with the sweet tooth of our younger years, who could fault them?
If you’re not feelin’ the sweet stuff, Launch also have a ridiculous range of burgers.
Where: Upstairs, Westfield Geelong
Hucksters & CoHucksters & Co Doughnut Variety
Let’s forget about the other famous three words, ‘double shot Nutella’ are the only words you need in life and Hucksters & Co have doughnuts that are filled with just that. The real chocolate deal people, not just the words.
They also have lemon meringue, Mars, Bounty, Twix and custard filled donuts. Baked goods are their forte and they do them well.
Where: 20 James St, Geelong
Cafe BotticelliCafe Botticelli‘s Doughboys Doughnuts
We’ve mentioned Doughboys Doughnuts quite a bit here at Forte and there’s plenty of reason why: they are damn amazing. Originally from Melbourne, Botticelli have been nice enough to save us the travel and stock them occasionally at the cafe.
There’s plenty of flavours on offer, from orange & pistachio to maple bacon – there’s bound to be anything and everything from your wildest doughnut dreams. Get in quick, and check in with the cafe, as these bad boys don’t stick around for long.
Where: 7 Minerva Road, Geelong West
Sticks & GraceSticks & Grace‘s “Stonuts”
Bringing a sweet (or something savoury) twist to the classic, Stick & Grace Cafe have opted to keep it old school with doughnuts on the menu. There’ll be no cross species dough creations here, it’s all about the doughnut.
Also changing flavours regularly, recently the cafe had a mocha flavoured doughnut made with the cafe’s Allpress Coffee. Keep it real ol’ school and get a coffee with your doughnut and dunk to your hearts content. We take no responsibility for spillage or flavour clashes.
Where: 4/337 Pakington St, Newtown
All images from the cafe’s social media.