Five Artists who inspire Holy Holy’s Timothy Carroll.

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Five Artists who inspire Holy Holy’s Timothy Carroll.

The spoken word: The Memory Palace ( Podcast)
Nate DiMeo’s ‘The Memory Palace’ is an incredible example of what radio and podcasting can be. This is a one-man cinematic time machine. You can be listening to this standing at your kitchen sink, and suddenly you will be standing in a bamboo forest in central china in 1845. It’s incredible.

The written word: John Steinbeck (Author)
John Steinbeck is responsible for a series of epic novels set in during the great depression in the United States. His ability to create characters and take you on their journey – subtly exploring their experiences and motivations and how the world around them is changing is breathtaking. He was one of the first writers ever to make me cry and laugh out loud in a novel.

Music: Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (Composer)
I love this record. I like how it makes me feel and I like the way it affects a room full of people. I can listen to it on repeat for long stretches of time and it just always makes me feel deeply satisfied.

Film: Aoife McArdle (Director)
Making film clips for Holy Holy often has us searching through film clips looking for inspiration. Enter Aoife McArdle. Watch this One of the most arresting and singular clips I’ve ever seen.

Visual Art: Johannes Vermeer (Painter)
I recently watched a documentary called Tim’s Vermeer which allowed me to discover the art of Johannes Vermeer, a 17th-century Dutch painter who developed a unique approach to painting which allowed him to capture light using paint in a way that had never been done before. If you ever visit a gallery with one of his works definitely take some time to view it.

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