Five album covers that have inspired Brisbane’s Deadlights

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Five album covers that have inspired Brisbane’s Deadlights

You can't ignore the role of cover art in making a brilliant album.

Brisbane-based post-hardcore quartet Deadlights have just returned with their monumental new single ‘Born of a Lie’, alongside the news of a forthcoming sophomore record ‘The Uncanny Valley’ – mixed and mastered by the legendary Chris Vernon (Belle Haven, Windwaker, Stuck Out).

Blazing with distorted guitar riffs, discordant harmonics and the feverish vocals of frontman Dylan Davidson, ‘Born of a Lie’ launches into the stratosphere with utter abandon as frenetic drums set the stage for the songs engrossing lyrics. As the track builds in potency, it introduces its convulsive breakdown, before hurtling towards its cathartic, kaleidoscope final chorus. You’ll need to sit down and wait for your heart rate to drop after headbanging to this turbulent track. Check it out for yourself below.

Having gone from strength to strength since releasing their Greyscale Records debut Mesma back in 2017, an album boasting bright, abstract cover art, this new single is their first new music in two years, and judging from its cover art, we’re bracing ourselves for a blistering new chapter for the band.

To celebrate the new single and their forthcoming record, the Brisbane band have shared their top five album covers.

Album artwork has a huge part to play in putting together an album. How do you choose an image that summarises the themes, emotions and concepts that a whole album is trying to convey? It’s not easy, but when it’s done right, it meshes the whole thing together. It’s the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Without it, it is incomplete.

When listening to songs off an album with the right art, that artwork is always synonymous with the music. You can’t hear one without picturing the other or see the image without hearing the melodies of the music. We have always taken our artwork choices very seriously and here a list of covers that have truly inspired us.

Circa Survive – ‘Blue Sky Noise’

Esao Andrews should be a common household name in art to the likes of Dali. His work is beautiful, surreal and thought provoking. Mix this with Circa Survive’s insane soundscapes and Anthony Green’s vocals, you have a match made in heaven.

Dance Gavin Dance – ‘Mothership’

Mattias Adolfsson has such a unique style and any time Dance Gavin Dance announce a new album, we are just as eager for the artwork as we are the music. The artwork is intricately detailed and full of Easter Egg references to the song titles and lyrics that make it worth looking at over and over again, each time finding something new.


Primus – ‘Antipop’

Strange music, strange art. The cover for ‘Antipop’ fits Primus like a glove. It could be an art piece from Mad Magazine as much as an album cover. Such a whack style for such a whack band. We love it.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Polygondwanaland’

King Gizz have always had amazing art, nearly all of it done by Jason Galea. We love the use of mixed media in their artworks. It’s hard to pin down a favourite, but the psychedelic castle / landscape of ‘Polygondwanaland’ is up there. With song titles and lyrics scattered around the imagery in a crazy fashion, this piece is a perfect thematic representation of the psych album that it’s a part of.

Flume – ‘Skin’

Simple is sometimes most effective. The beautiful 3D looking flower on Flume’s ‘Skin’ album cover is awesome. The colourway is soothing and the music within it is encapsulated within that flower. The mix between organic and synthetic looking elements within this piece suit Flume to a tee. Jonathan Zawada’s work is always incredible.

‘Born of a Lie’ is available worldwide now through Greyscale Records.