Fit Fast Food

Fit Fast Food

Fit Fast Food is Geelong’s premier meal prep bar.

If you’re someone that is health conscious, but pushed for time, Fit Fast Food just answered your prayers.

Today, many people are leading increasingly busy lifestyles and with this, become quite time poor. I mean, who has the time to prepare and cook several healthy, hearty meals each and every day? I sure don’t.

Often, unhealthy fast food options seem to be the easiest go-to. Well, that was before Fit Fast Food…

The result of passion, creativity and hard-work, fused with a dedication to healthy, fresh food, Fit Fast Food pride themselves on making a healthy lifestyle a realistic goal for everyone.

With several local partners, everything is prepared on site daily, ensuring that what’s going into your food is nutritious, delicious and fresh.

You can customize your meal plan to what best suits you and your lifestyle and have the team prepare it for you. Then, all that’s left to do is pick it up and you’re set.

You can choose from a bulk meal prep plan, clean meal prep plan, regular meals, large meals, lean meal prep plan, snacks and sweets, custom weighed meals and – drum roll please – breakfasts are coming soon.

You can find Fit Fast Food at 128 High Street, Belmont, or check out their website.