First Aid Kit: Stay Gold

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First Aid Kit: Stay Gold

After signing their first record contract in 2008, sister duo Johanna and Klara have proved with their third release that they’ve got what it takes to stick around.
Stay Gold is filled with chiming vocals in the sweet folk/country tunes that we’ve fallen in love with. The 10-tracks are so infectiously happy that you’ll be seeing little furry creatures frolicking through green pastures in no time.
The album echoes sentiments of fighting the good fight and living with no regrets and makes you wonder if it’s an album of confessions. Opening number ‘Silver Lining’ is a clear example of this, with just the right amount of upbeat folk that should start off every album. ‘Master Pretender’ and ‘Stay Gold’ are also notable songs that have us convinced First Aid Kid will be around for a long while yet.
Though the album isn’t all cutesy animals and warm summer days, and there are also a few slow numbers, ‘Cedar Line’, ‘Fleeting One’ and ‘A Long Time Ago’, thrown in to pull on the heartstrings.
One thing that’s clearly just as strong as ever is the Söderberg sisters’ ability to tell a story. Come their third release they’ve managed to reach a level of consistency that was unseen in previous releases. ‘Waitress Song’ and ‘Heaven Knows’ are worth a listen.
From start to finish Stay Gold has few flaws, and is an album that cements their place in the folk/country scene. Whether you like folk music or not, this is undeniably one of the top releases of the year.
Out now via Sony Music
Written by Amanda Sherring