Fiona Kershaw’s new release is an album of organic, temporal and romantic reflections

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Fiona Kershaw’s new release is an album of organic, temporal and romantic reflections

With a carefree conversational style and reclining whispers of narration, Fiona Kershaw explores the altitudes of expression to Rise Above the complications of highly-produced recordings; arriving at a sound which is as raw and rustic as a rural field. An ambling vocal style drifts across raspy riffs of strings to generate placid plains of country comfort.

An amiable chord descent propels the piece entitled ‘Feel Alive’, beginning with brisk optimism brimming with brightness and chordal augmentation; and speaking of natural imagery and the soothing salubrity of love, tenderness, and music. As Fiona consoles, ‘A little rain sometimes can wash away the pain; and a little music can do the same’.

An obvious advocate of artistic accompaniments, Fiona has enhanced her album with her own vivid depiction of striating colour, ambiguously symbolic of both the sun and river tributaries populous with life.

To compliment such a motif, her single entitled ‘Roaming’ displays a frollicking mallard strolling upon a sunlit water pane.

Environmental issues are a strong constituent of Fiona’s philosophies; as is evident in the piece ‘Smoke So Thick’, which was penned to convey the atmosphere of a fire from which she herself was forced to flee. So resonant is her passion for the cause that 50 percent of her album profits will be pledged to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

An album of organic, temporal and romantic reflections, Fiona theorises that ‘Somewhere in another dimension; in another time; you are mine’ – a notion which compels us to dream with the imagination she so gently wishes to inspire.

Reviewed by Renée N. Abbott