Fiona Kershaw celebrates 20 years

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Fiona Kershaw celebrates 20 years

Fiona Kershaw is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her Freedom EP that she released in Brisbane in 1997. This time she’s added nine extra tracks never before released, on a 14 track Freedom Album CD and available on Apple iTunes, Spotify and bandcamp.

Kicking off her tour at The loft, this concert is doubling as a beyondblue fundraiser. Entry is by donation and 50% of CD sales with also go to the fundraiser.

The aim of the show is to communicate support with music and encouragement that it is OK to talk about Not being OK, and that there is help with understanding people out there, like the support through beyondblue. There will be booklets and wristbands.

Fiona will be joined by other South West Victoria singer, songwriter musicians coming along to perform their songs including Gabby Steel, Bruce Campbell, Bronson and Tina and Likely Celts before I will perform the last set with Fiddlist Brett Holbrook also based in Warrnambool.

Russ Goodear will be MC for the afternoon and Lynny Mast, The Lofts new owner will also be setting up her Pop Up Records Merchandise shop all Acts shall be able to sell their CDs through.

Go along and support this amazing cause.

When & Where: The Loft, Warrnambool – October 15, 3pm – 6pm

Images by Johanna Watts Photography.