Find Thai family food at the authentic and welcoming Hommali Bangkok Restaurant

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Find Thai family food at the authentic and welcoming Hommali Bangkok Restaurant

Words by Riya Kiran

With winter slowly creeping upon us, a warm and tasty Thai meal is just what you need!

Bringing the flavours of their childhood to you, Hommali Bangkok Cuisine is the brand-new Thai restaurant in Geelong serving food from the heart. With beautiful, handcrafted items from elderly locals in the Northern parts of Thailand decorating the interior, Hommali entirely immerses you in the Thai cuisine experience.

Thai food never falls short of flavour, and maximum flavour is the persistent goal throughout every Hommali dish. From your old favourites, to less common dishes – you can find it all!

Start off your Thai journey at Hommali with Gai Jor – deep fried chicken mince wrapped in tofu skin, Kra-Trong Throng – pastry shells with minced chicken, or the always tempting chicken satay skewers generously doused in peanut sauce.

Hommali also serves a lavish number of mains, from Soups, Curries, Stir-Frys, Rice and Noodle dishes.

Enjoy a classic Pad Thai, Pad See-Eew or Khao Pad with your choice of Prawn, Chicken, Seafood, Beef or a Vegetarian version. If you dare, give the spicy Khao Pad Chilli a taste! Served with fresh basil, chilli and rice the dish is topped with mouth-watering crispy pork belly.

Alternatively, tuck into a Pad Soft Shell Curry, another fresh and flavour boasting feed at the restaurant. Brought to your table lavishly and wafting with aromatic scents, it’s hard to say no!

Focused on delivering affordable and delicious Thai meals, the owners of Hommali have gathered family recipes to create an authentic food for your indulgence. Deep dive into the special home-style Hommali dishes like Guay Tiew Neau Sub – Flat rice noodles with curried mince beef sauce or Khao Mok Ped – Thai style biriyani rice with their special duck leg confit.

The restaurant also offers tempting options for their Vegan customers including Lon Tao Jeow Hed – Mushroom and fermented soybean dip served with fresh vegetables.

Head down to Hommali Bangkok Cuisine to try out these mouth-watering dishes at 168 Ryrie, Geelong, VIC, Australia, 3220.

Check out their website and follow their Instagram to find out more!