Festival of Stone and Wood

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Festival of Stone and Wood

Okay, so we know beach life can be pretty sweet. So what can we do to show our appreciation for our coastlines, towns and beaches? The Festival of the Stone is a joint initiative between Byron Bay’s Stone & Wood Brewing Company and the Clean Coast Collective where everyone is a winner.

The tour includes Ten ‘Clean Up’ locations, followed by an after party hosted by the Stone & Wood crew. Torquay is on the Festival of the Stone trail, with April 2 locked in. There to entertain you will be Sydney holiday rock six­ piece Tropical Zombie. Their new single is ‘Call the Police’.

From the Stone & Wood team: “We’re collecting the materials (think hops from Tassie, malt from Vicco and artists from the towns we stop in) for our winter seasonal stone beer and along the way we’ll be restoring the beaches to the condition they were in when things were slower and more simple. The salt water people of CCC will be coordinating the clean­ ups in each of the towns and after locals, community groups and those young and old who are keen to lend a hand to get involved.”

All profits from the beer sales will go to back to CCC. Hit stoneandwood.com.au for full details.