Feeling stressed? Here’s some of the best spots to let off steam in Victoria 

Feeling stressed? Here’s some of the best spots to let off steam in Victoria 

Words by Benjamin Lamb

Throw yourself into a good mood with these local spots.

With holidays coming up, that means a lot more family time, and possibly a whole lot more stress. Today we’re looking at some of the best spots across our state to get rid of that anger and get some zen into you this Summer.

The Break Room

This is exactly how it sounds. You’re put in a room on your own and can break a heap of stuff.

In particular, you’re given a box of old crockery that the break room have grabbed from an Op Shop / Second hand shop. So, you know that the stuff isn’t wasted, they’ve lived their life and go out with a literal bang.

To bring it all full circle, you can blast some death metal for that little bit of extra catharsis.

You can book in a visit here, a session starts from around $60.

Smash Splash

This is pretty similar to the above, they’ve got a cool Smash it up room, where you can do the same sort of stuff. 

But Smash Splash also has a couple of other cool rooms; the splash it up room, where you get put in a room, put on a full-body poncho, and get crazy with some paint. This is the best thing for those kids who need to get their energy out, and finally, there’s a crash right in room, where you go with someone else, each put a bubble suit on, and run into each other in a ball pit – maybe head there with that friend that sometimes gets on your nerves.  

Book it in here, prices start from around $30.

Free Boxing Melbourne

If break rooms aren’t your cup of tea, then check out the amazing initiative from Live Life Get Active, called Free Boxing. 

As the name suggests, there’s no cost, and everything’s provided, too! – According to their website, all you need to take is a water bottle, they bring everything else you need.

It’s a great, healthy way to get your anger out, and get some nice fresh air too, as these events take place across parks in Victoria.

There’s a heap of spots that offer this across Victoria, check out the map here.

Geelong Meditation Centre

Now for the other end of the extreme, Geelong’s meditation centre (GMC) has long been lauded for their high-quality sessions and extremely calm clients. There’s a heap of classes available too, one of the involves learning how to sleep better, and find calm from getting anger out inside, rather than showing it on your outside.

If you’re after a major recharge, GMC also has a partnership with the Daylesford Meditation Retreat, a great starting point for anyone who’s never been on a retreat before. They’ve got daily walking, meditation and vegetarian meals, basically everything you want to do at home but can never be bothered to. 

Check out everything’s that’s happening at the Geelong Meditation Centre here.

Rap Jumping

This is pretty much just a cool version of abseiling; it involves running down 7 stories of a building as fast as you can, truly the coolest way to get your anger out. If this sounds dangerous, their website lists that they have a 100% safety record since 1989.

The company it’s a part of, Fun Addicts, have a selection of other adrenaline junkie / energy filled activities you can check out here


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World Series Paintball

World Series Paintball has 11 locations around Australia, but here in Victoria, you’ll find a location in Little River, and one in Oakleigh.

It’s exactly how you imagine it – you’re loaded up with a paintball gun, get put into a cool setting that feels like a movie, and can go crazy. 

Head there with those friends you sometimes want to fight and get the anger out on the paintball field instead.

Check out some more info and book it in here.


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Lumber Punks Melbourne

The axe-throwing experience has taken Australia by storm, with Lumber Punks officially opening its first Victorian location earlier this year.

Lumber Punks offers an experience like no other – a 90-minute session provides an exhilarating experience where the goal is simple: proving to yourself that you can in fact, throw an axe.

Located in Clarke Street, South Melbourne, Lumber Punks sees precision and technique win out, as opposed to brute strength, making the experience totally inclusive and immersive, for friends, family, colleagues and everyone in between.

Head here for more info.

Deep Blue Hot Springs, Warrnambool

If you really feel like blissing out, be sure to check out or check into the Deep Blue Geothermal Baths. The first-ever hot spring hotel in Victoria, you certainly want to experience this firsthand.

Sourcing its water from the Dilwyn Aquifer, this location is your place to relax, rejuvenate and replenish. Let off that steam and let your mind run free in the springs or spa treatments available. With fifteen enhanced bathing experiences to be used and an extensive walking and cycling trail nearby, Deep Blue Baths is an out of this world encounter.

Plus, you can head down to Deep Blue Hot Springs in Warrnambool and experience their Hot Spring Sanctuary after dark. Whether it’s gazing at the stary night sky from the reflection bay, immersing yourself in the neon lights of the colour therapy caves or basking under the rainforest shower in the rainforest pool, Deep Blue offers unique experiences for everyone.

Find it here.