Feeling adventurous? Here’s some of the coolest pizzas to check out from these Geelong spots

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Feeling adventurous? Here’s some of the coolest pizzas to check out from these Geelong spots

Local Geelong
Words by Benjamin Lamb

Broccoli, pesto, Brussel Sprouts... these are all worth a go.

There’s a bunch of awesome food spots across Geelong, and a lot of them provide everyone’s favourite – Pizza.

Today we’re diving into some of the coolest Pizza shops, and the quirky pizzas they offer.

Patata Pizza – Eastside Pizza Bar

For one of the classiest pizzerias on this list, look no further than the Eastside Pizza Bar. They’re located at 263 Meyers St in East Geelong, so only a short drive to get the goods.

Their menu is jam-packed with all your Italian favourites; Focaccias, Pizzas, Pastas, Risottos, and a lot more. With freshly made meals, and amazing chefs, you’ll leave feeling extremely satisfied.

Quirky Pizza Choice: Patata Pizza Another cool combination comes in the form of their Patata Pizza, swapping out a tomato base for an olive oil base, it comes topped with beautiful pancetta, and mozzarella, and of course a bunch of potatoes.

Check out Eastside’s full menu here.


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Stromboli – Pizza Land

A staple of Geelong dining over the past 30 years has been Pizza Land, according to their website, they were the first shop to “bring Turkish breads and dips to the Geelong region.” So you know they are dedicated to serving customers the best food.

They’ve got everything you’d ever want in a Pizza Shop – a bunch of tasty desserts like Gelato, Baklava and Pancakes, and even are licensed too, so you can enjoy a glass of red over your Stromboli.

Quirky Pizza Choice: Stromboli It’s not really a different flavour of Pizza, but a type that you can’t really find anywhere else. It’s a type of Pizza Scroll – those ones that you usually get for a couple of bucks in the freezer at Coles. But this is freshly made, and you can choose what flavour – American, Aussie, they’ve got it all.

Check out some more info here


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Pesto Pizza – Shannon Pizza

Located on Shannon Avenue in Geelong West, the aptly titled Shannon Pizza is home to some of the freshest ingredients, best service and tastiest pizzas. They deliver to most corners of the Geelong region, so wherever you are, you won’t miss out.

Their pizzas are a bargain too, if you ever want one on to cure those Monday blues, a large Pizza is only $15! It’s a pretty good saving, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Quirky Pizza Choice: PestoEveryone loves some Chicken Pesto Pasta, but it elevates it to another level when it’s chucked on a Pizza. It’s got some decadent fresh roasted chicken, creamy fetta, and a bunch of herbs, it’ll be a mistake not to order this.

Check out some more info here.


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Brussel Sprouts Pizza – Local Geelong

One of the newest spots to arrive in Geelong is the Local Geelong Pizza, who are dedicated to bringing you some of the best pizzas in the region, along with some high quality service.

The family-run business has only been opened on Mckillop St for a few years, and also have an awesome bakery and brunch spot all tied up into one.

Quirky Pizza Choice: Brussel Sprouts Pizza : Everyone’s favourite vegetable makes its way onto a Pizza over at the Local. Topped with salty bacon and béchamel sauce, it’ll make for an interesting yet tasty pizza indeed. They’ve also got a chicken and broccoli pizza that’s worth checking out.

Check out more info about Local Geelong here.


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Crispy Pork Belly Pizza – Pizza Bar

A staple of the Geelong West food scene, Pizza Bar has been dishing out amazing Italian-style pizzas for many years on the popular Pakington Street strip, with plans to open another venue in Belmont in the not-so-distant future.

Old school and unique, here the pizzas have a thin, light base with crisp edges and authentic toppings such as mozzarella, bocconcini, chilli, shaved prosciutto, San Marzano tomato, Sopressa salami, olives and fior de latte.

Quirky Pizza Choice: Crispy Pork Belly Pizza So it’s not the healthiest, the leanest or even close to being the cleanest thing you can eat, but make no mistake, pork belly is gob-smackingly delicious and this place has upped the ante by putting it on a pizza! This gem is rounded out with plum jam, cabbage salad and garlic. They’ve also got a pretty quirky but incredibly delicious braised lamb shoulder, tomato, peas, sweet onion, and parmigiano pizza if you feel like going all out.

Want something vego but still with quirk? They’ve also got a Zucchini pizza, topped with chilli, fior de latte, and garlic.

Check out more info about Pizza Bar here.