Feeling a Little Husky

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Feeling a Little Husky

A nod to George Orwell is what greets us in the bio of Melbourne folk-inspired outfit Husky. “George Orwell said that writing should be transparent – like a clear window pane,” says frontman Husky Gawenda. It is something he feels about music. “You shouldn’t notice the music or the art of it; you’re just transported to another place.” It’s a nice little way of looking at things indeed. The band has been in strong form since the release of their triple j Unearthed debut, Forever So. There were nominated for an ARIA Award and an AIR Award, while Gawenda was awarded the national APRA PDA Award for his songwriting in 2013. Ruckers Hill is the name of their forthcoming newie. The album was recorded in a small, moonlit room at the back of Gawenda’s house. It has been a long and thoughtful process, taking in an 18-month period, and will be available for your hot little hands October 17. Available now, however, is single ‘I’m not Coming Back’. Speaking with USA Today, Gawenda said: “I’m not Coming Back is a song about leaving things behind, but as with all defiant songs, I think, there’s a sense of irony, a sense that leaving is easier said than done, or easier to sing about than actually do.” The Bridge, Castlemaine – November 7 & The Karova, Ballarat – November 8.