Fear Like Us: Succour

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Fear Like Us: Succour

Punk has long been the expression of raw emotions to the backing of exciting, lively music. Fear Like Us have been around long enough to know this formula works, and have begun to twist it to their (and our) liking.

Succour is at times blistering, and gentle at others, but vocalist Jamie Hay never stops expressing his raw emotions. His distinct, Australian singing style allows for a deeper connection to the listener, making his stories much more relatable. Hay screams “There’s nothing worse than the silence,” on ‘Dire’ – just one of the many brutally honest lyrics across the album.

The album’s title, Succour, means “assistance and support in times of hardship and distress” and aptly fits the music. Songs such as ‘The Lowest Form of Love’ and ‘Red Ochre’ really bring home this point – the album is brimming with liveliness.

Loud guitars, big drums and gravelly vocals are fused with intricate song-writing and fitting harmonies to create Fear Like Us’ folk-punk sound. The band are at their genre-hopping best with this release and hopefully won’t wait another nine years to serve up their next offering.

Out via Poison City Records
Reviewed by Jack Cherry