Fat Freddy's Drop: Bays

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Fat Freddy's Drop: Bays

Fat Freddy’s Drop’s new album is one smooth listen. Starting off with the slow burning funk number ‘Wairunga Blues’ the album flicks through reggae, jazz and techno rhythms all with the signature Freddy’s horns. ‘Slings & Arrows’ is a highlight for me, though I’ve always had a thing for the calming, soul-touching nature of a good reggae tune.
This time around the seven-piece New Zealand band wrote majority of the album in the studio and the natural, immediate nature shows through in their tracks. There’s a confidence in the manner the band travel through different genres. In particular they’re synth-laden track ‘Wheels’.
‘Makkan’ is a slow emotive number with gentle plucks of the guitar and the lyrics echoing “I’ll take you higher”. It’s a sweet number that would be a good one to share with the special person in your life. Overall this is an album that shows a confidence in the band to jump between different influences and genres to their classic horn-driven tracks. Pick it up for a cruisey listen that your ears, and mind, will love you for.
Out Via The Drop/Remote Control Records
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring